Fantasmic reservations live!

You aren’t overlooking anything. Each restaurant will have its own supply of dining packages, so you can’t switch a normal ADR to a dining package.

Keep looking for a Fantasmic dining option at Prime Time. Are you flexible on time? Could you go for lunch or early dinner?

You can always try calling and see if they’ll allow the switch though.

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That’s standard wording.

If they add a second showing and decide to do dining packages for that one too, those will show “2nd show”.

But any existing ones will only be good for the first showing, and of course there will always be a “first” show.

Incidentally I have heard that adding a second show is dependent on getting more cast. The talk of the show not being shown nightly was genuine, but they decided to prioritise a nightly show of Fantasmic over character dining and meet&greets.


Interesting observations. There are dining package reservations available through 12/31 but none starting Jan 1 (60+10 puts us at Jan 5 today). I’m assuming they will drop at some point. I can get HBD to show times but can’t actually select any. For all others the timeslot “dropdown” won’t even show anything - clicking on it does nothing. I will never understand Disney IT.

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I had that same issue with my trip in 30 days. Makes no sense.

That’s been my experience too - trying for 1/2.

When Disney does this kind of thing, it devalues what little value is left for on site stays. Not that Disney ultimately cares…they will end up filling ADRs and so make the same money. Still frustrating, though, when you are the one it impacts!

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Same issue for me. Doesn’t seem like January time slots opened up for any other restaurants aside from HBD. Frustrating.

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And I couldn’t even select an HBD timeslot that is displayed. The buttons don’t work. Maybe I’ll try MDE on my phone

ETA: Plenty of options on 12/30 and 12/31 but zero starting 1/1

@NoBellePrizeWinner I’m wondering if they just haven’t opened up January yet.


That’s my guess.

Just like some things always used to be delayed a few days or even longer, like Hoop de Doo, I suspect they just haven’t loaded them yet.

Possibly in part due to not knowing what time Fantasmic will run during the winter months. It could even be they decide to not run it daily during those traditional “slow times”.

I have a resort reservation and got the same message after I clicked on a time. Guessing someone got it before I did.

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I was able to get 10:45 Sci Fi on 12/6 when I logged on at 7am. It wasn’t a priority for me to get up early. I likely won’t keep it because the price isn’t worth the food for DS8. But we have Oga’s at 7:45 that day so wouldn’t be able to get to F! Early. Maybe it will be added to G+? Worst case we will have bad seats.

I think that just means “Oops, something went wrong”.

I got that message several times, not only for the Fantasmic dining package. I just clicked the “check times” again and it came back with options.

The cast member I talked to said, from what she could see, the restaurants hadn’t loaded the inventory yet. Disney dining controls the ADR system, but the individual restaurants control the table inventory. They have to load that inventory to the ADR system and the Dining Package Inventory is separate from the regular ADRs (why you can’t convert one to another). She said they could load it at any time and to just keep checking. So frustrating!


Has anyone had success yet with Fantasmic reservations in early Jan?


No and I check multiple times every day

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Any luck?

Nope, not yet.

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Im trying for 1/9. Everything is greyed out.

I happen to notice on MouseDining that there was a typed note “reopens Nov 30” or something to that effect when I specifically looked for Fantasmic packages at the HBD, bc I’m looking for Jan 2 and 6.
But I keep checking everyday.

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