Fantasmic reservations live!

at 1113P HST, or 513A EST, I was able to snag some 50s prime time!


Got mine, but only Hollywood and Vine and the Derby were left for my date

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Got HBD on December 7th. Really wanted PTC because DH has never been. I forgot to look until 6:15 or I probably could have got it :frowning: oh well at least we get to see the show without camping out!

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this is the message I got

We were unable to check for available tables at this time. A problem may have occurred while looking for availability. Please ensure if you have a valid resort reservation, it is linked to your My Disney Experience account and try again.

I didn’t think you had to have a resort reservation to make a dining package ADR?

I don’t have a resort reservation and made one.

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Thanks, I figured that. That’s why I’m confused :face_with_monocle: It was going to let me reserve the Derby but I don’t want to pay $73 per person. Maybe it’s an issue w/ the restaurant?

I had to take HBD because that is all that was available on any of the days we can make it work. At least we know we will like the food! (It’s my favorite)


I just checked for our HS date, all restaurants, all times, but there is nothing left. (Although, I wasn’t actually going to book…but I wanted to see what might be available.)

I got that error once…but when I searched again, same time and place, it worked (well, I mean instead I got the message saying there is nothing available as opposed to that error.)

Also interesting, my reservation states it’s for the 1st show. I thought it was reported that after Nov 14th it was only showing once a night?

oh thanks, I’ll be checking again and watching reviews to see if it’s worth it too.

I got one at H&V for Christmas Eve! I just booked it at 0730, after I saw your message :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So at 4:40CST we saw HBD and H&V, about 4:50 we saw Mama and then 4:55 we saw SF- we never saw 50s Prime- did anyone see that restaurant pop up for Fantasmic ADR this morning?

I don’t have resort reservations or park reservations for December. It’s 9:50 am eastern. Plenty available for Christmas.

I imagine there will be a mad dash for them as people find out about them.

ETA: I only asked it to search for 2 people.



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I found it at about 5am this morning, for the 23rd Dec. It was at the bottom of the list not the top which you might expect.

Keep trying. :hand_with_index_finger_and_thumb_crossed:

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I got a Fantasmic pkg res for H&V. So - I have Tickets & ADR

AND I have a regular ADR for 50’s PT Cafe (Which is the one my grandkids really want)
On the same day. Just ADR

HOW can I switch the Fantasmic guaranteed Tickets to the 50’s Diner?
I don’t see a way to modify it on the app.
Unless I’m overlooking something.

What do you advise that I do?Who would a person call/talk to?
I will talk NICELY: in a pleasant please-help-me-voice.

Or, do you think I should take my chances?
Would I have a problem getting to see Fantasmic 1st full week in December? Without camping out.

…what was the price before? I definitely don’t remember it being $60 at Mama Melrose :astonished:

Mine says first show as well (and that’s for 12/3)

They can’t be switched. I tried to do the same for the candlelight processional and after an hour on the phone and talking to managers- the ticketed ADRs are a completely different inventory and they have no way of switching a dining event ticket to another participating restaurant. I was super bummed.