Fantasmic Dessert v. Dining?

We’ve yet to go to HS since my kids were too little to get a lot out of it. We’re finally going to hit this park on our Feb trip and want to do it right. Thinking we want to hit the Fantasmic show and want a good outcome for it. I know Dining is a great option, but we don’t want to eat at the three restaurants that are included so I was thinking the dessert option? Seems to be mixed reviews on other forums so figured I’d ask my fellow liners :slight_smile:

We are doing the dessert for the same reason you’re considering it–just not that interested in any of the dining restaurants, or in making time for a sit down meal we aren’t excited about. I can’t give you a review of the WDW version, but I’ve done it twice at Disneyland, and the food box had some cheese, crackers, and fruit that made it do just fine for a light dinner. The WDW one looks similar.

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Is it really necessary? Are there any bad seats?

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I was just texting my family info about the dessert party yesterday! I love HBD but I think the dining package has lost value without the appetizer.

I was just pondering this dilemma for our Feb trip as well. After hemming and hawing over it for the last week, I think we have decided to do the dessert option. I got a lot of great Fantasmic dinner package tips from other liners, but we’re just not excited about the 3 restaurant options either.

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That is what I am wondering as I’ve never been. We have a couple f spots at MK where we manage to get great views of the fireworks there so we wont shell out $$ there, but the HS one didn’t seem too bad. I don’t mind sitting on a lawn eating treats while we wait at MK but I don’t want to stand in a line for over an hour at the end of the day with a 4 and 8 year old at HS.

I think the issue with Fantasmic is that it is a long line to get in if you do not have a dining/dessert package. Also, the center area is reserved for the packages?

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Just wondering, do you happen to know what the “specialty drink served in a souvenir cup” is for those of use over 21 at the dessert party?

For this review it was a blue margarita


Just also curious if the seating or line waiting is any better with a FP?

We’ve done the dining package in the past, but this year we are doing the dessert. Not crazy about doing a sit down meal at HS. I’m doing the package so not to stand in the long ling to get in. Did that once on a very hot aug. nite, dont want to do it again.

Yes, but is it really that much better? The “stage” is the entire arena. I don’t think anyone’s getting a bad view. Unlike, say HEA.

I can see it from the length-of-queue perspective.

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Also wondering this!

The seating area for FPs is no better than stand by.

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But if you had your pick of the standby area (say arriving early for FPP), is it that much better than a reserved seat?

Do you know when the February 2019 dates will be available for booking the dessert package? I’ve been checking almost everyday. January is up but it seems Feb is not…

I have to disagree - there are absolutely bad seats (and I sat in them once) they go too far over to the sides and you can’t see what is going on. It is pretty much like being behind the side curtains in a play :slight_smile:

3 years ago we had a FP+ and so we thought we were golden. We ended up seated at the very edge (on the left) and although we did enjoy the show we thought the view was not very good and I am now persuaded we had crappy seats. We currently have reservations for the dessert thing in Nov.

My TA at PDPH said within the next 4 weeks they’ll release tickets. So, got my ADRs today but will have to continue to check daily for those

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Great! Thanks for the info!