Fantasmic dessert party

Has anyone done this? Did you enjoy it? Are you basically just paying extra to get a good seat. This trip will be my first time seeing fantasmic so I dont know the drill. We are also going in early november so of course have stress over galaxy edge.

We did it last August. I would not do it again. The desserts were not, in my opinion, good. The cupcake had icing so heavily laden with food coloring that all you could taste was chemicals. And because of the seating (stadium) it was really awkward to have our big drinks, the dessert packs, and all the crap that comes with 3 small children! It might have been better with no kids.

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Our family loved it. So much less time wasted (or fastpass) and great seats. The food is only OK but there is enough that you can skip dinner (again, much time saved). We will definitely do it again.

I did it in February. We thought it was a good option. I am linking my trip report that includes pictures:

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Did it last week. They give you a ton of desserts. I didn’t like all of them, but that was ok, as I would have been sick had I tried to eat all of them anyway. So I ate the ones I enjoyed and didn’t worry about the rest. Would’ve preferred a savory/sweet box instead of all sweet (with the exception of a little bit of cheese), but that wasn’t an option.
The seating was good. The stadium filled, so it was nice to have good seat location and a snack while waiting for show.

Where do they seat you? I feel like I read somewhere that getting out after the show was terrible, but that might be old news.

They sit you in the same area as the dining packages: center

any thoughts on when the dates will be released for the fall? when i called they told me on average its at the 180 day mark which has since come and gone

The Fantasmic Party is definitely not 180 days. I booked it on release day in January for my mid February trip.

We did this in April 2019. The kids absolutely loved it!! We had seen fantasmic! Many times before but they thought this was SO cool. They loved the lanyard and glow mugs.

Just for anyone doing allergy. This was amazing. We got a call a couple of weeks before asking how many people in our party needed gluten free. The gluten free boxes we sealed and then wrapped in plastic so no cross contamination. The desserts in the gluten free box were actually really good.

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We went in December and really enjoyed it! We left after most of the crowds and betime we had a bathroom break and bought a pin at the cart, we were the last to leave :grin: we all liked the food and there was plenty there…the light up mugs and lanyards were a nice keepsake…

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