Fanny packs?

Ok I’m just going to ask… Who has used a fanny pack in the parks and what kind do you have? I will be bringing a backpack/diaper bag which will be stuffed full of baby essentials. But I don’t want to have to dig through that every time I want to get my phone or camera out for pictures, get the wallet out, or dig through to find the marker for autograph books. So I’m considering a fanny pack (or maybe a small cross body) for quick/easy access to those small yet essential items.

Anyone have suggestions? I leave in 27 days so I need to be able to get one quickly/easily.

Great question!

I bring a small Kipling cross body bag. It has lots of pockets and is really light weight.

I had a fanny pack back in the 90s; used it when we were touring in SE Asia. Couldn’t tell you the make because there were dozens - mostly all the same - on the market back then. Cindy got one for each of us; hers was purple and magenta, mine was blue and lime green. The fashion Gods declared them to join the mullet as a major insult to style, so they went away. Personally I thought they were very practical, especially for a guys who don’t carry purses but don’t want to deal with a back pack. Haven’t tried a cross-body yet, but as I always have my DSLR around my neck, they might get to be cumbersome.


I loved this cross body bag on our last cruise/MK trip:

Tip - don’t use the pocket on the side for a water bottle (I had one fall out on Haunted Mansion. Use it for your sunglasses or something else that fits completely in the pocket.

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I would love to use a fanny pack, it would be sooooo convenient…but just can’t bring myself to do it. Had one as a young teen in the early 90’s though. I usually carry a small backpack BUT if I’m not in the mood to be the family pack mule I’ll use my runners belt. It is big enough for ID, phone, keys, but streamlined and usually hid under my T-shirt. I consider it my middle ground between fanny packs and dignity. (But I don’t judge the people who wear fanny packs. I’m secretly envious and encourage you to make it “stylish”)


Depending on exactly how much you are trying to carry outside of the big bag, a Flip Belt is also something that stays out of the way. I’m not sure if that’s what rainfamily was referring to exactly, but that’s what I use when I need to carry small items but don’t feel like carrying a purse.

There’s also the “Buddy Pouch” that’s magnetic - has good reviews:

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We take one on every holiday and through the airports, love them, we have a pacsafe which has special reinforced areas and special clips so it can not be opened by anyone else. If in a park we take in some money, a small camera and essentials in it, you can skip bag check with it too.

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I usually carry a small crossbody… I use one with a thin strap, so when I go on more turbulent rides I can bring the strap off my shoulder and easily make a knot so it’s tight at my waist.

Last summer I splurged and got a super cute Coach one with Mickey on it. It’s only about 3"x5"x2.5", and has two slim pockets with just enough room to carry the small at-hand essentials. Initially I thought it would be my “park bag”, but I’ve actually carried it pretty much ever since!

I have a cross body bagalinni. TJ Maxx carries them so you can see if they fit your stuff. I have an old tan canvas fanny pack. It has three zip pockets. I use it from time to time.

I got a really cute fanny pack off of Etsy with Minnie Mouse all over it! It was so fun to use!

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I second the try suggestion. I am using one in the parks right now. Just large enough for a small card holder for cash and cards, phone, touring plans and little baggies of emergency meds and bandaids. I even fit in a pen and some chapstick. I loooooooove it.

This is the one I have. I would not recommend it if you are looking to load up, but it is perfect if you want more than pockets but don’t want to carry a purse.

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What shop did you use?

It was a small one. Enough to hold my phone, wallet, plans, and chap stick. I loved it though. Super fun and nicely made. The seller worked with me to get it by the time of the trip too.

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I bought this Cheshire Cat one from the Disney on line store. It’s had a long strap, for cross body (using a clip on strap) or an internal strap to use as a fanny pack.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!!

I’ll just emphasize this: you do you on vacation. Want to carry a fanny pack? Do it. You know no one there. Go for it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

If you choose a fanny pack, I like North Face’s small bags, which I’ve carried in the parks (as a cross body bag, and not as a fanny pack…even though it was a fanny pack.)

My go-to park bag (if going without DS3) is a small Coach cross body bag. Holds a small wallet, sunglasses and my phone.

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I am a 38 year old female and wear fanny packs to the amusement parks. I love them because 99% of the time, there are no restrictions to riding a ride with one of these around the waist. I have a small North Face fanny pack that I use often. I reverse the pack and the bag is on my back. I just prefer it this way as to not have a big pouch in front of me. I also have 2 fanny packs from Coach and 1 from Louis Vuitton. I’ve seen some cute fannies from LuluLemon. I’d say, who cares what people say about what you’re wearing. If you’re comfortable and it puts you at ease to keep valuables on your body, then do it.


We both use them at the parks, very handy for cameras and phones, etc. No one cares what you look like. :slight_smile:

Here’s the ones we bought. Inexpensive, well made, and available in like 20 different colors.

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I only wear fanny packs in one case: on a trip to WDW. You’ll see a lot of people wear them, so don’t feel self conscious.

We call them our “untility melts” because, in addition to the pocket, you can feed the belt through the string in these poncho pouches to have handy for the inevidible rain:

…and a water bottle pouch similar to this:

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