"Family versus The Beasts" Trip Report (08/02/20 - 08/15/20)

Bummer that it was bitter! I always get the power salad, and it’s usually great, but I always feel like I can’t get enough kale to offset all the junk I eat when I’m there, it’s like my reset, so I can “power” on to more Mickey bars, roasted almonds, Dole Whips…you get the idea!

I know I’m late to this thread, but had to give my 2 cents…I totally agree EPCOT is at least a 2 day park - at least during normal times when all the shows and entertainment are available, and especially during a festival when there are so many snacks to be tried! We love to stop in the countries and hear music, see the cool details, watch the acrobats, etc. Then we have to do Soarin’ and Figment at least twice, play in the spitting fountains, Turtle Talk, Seas, and ALL the aquariums. Then when you add the group dynamic… each person wants to check out a diff store, food booth, use the bathroom, find the longest line possible to get a Coke (my dad - every hour! and once as we were running to RD FOP, because we didn’t have FP - ARGH!!!) I can usually make up what we miss by strategically using park hopper and extra magic hours, but that is out right now.

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I’ve never had a kale that wasn’t bitter. Is there such a thing? But in this salad, there was so much kale, it was just plane horrid. I threw away half the salad! I generally like salad…but without the kale! :slight_smile:

HA! So funny how different people’s tastes are (choc ice cream, coffee, dole whips all included). I do know that some kale is better than others - fresh is best. I love that salad because of the kale, but I make kale salad all the time - I think it’s all about the dressing to soften up the leaves. I also usually “crush” the leaves to soften them just before I add the dressing. I think I just love kale. :slight_smile: