Family angry! Anyone else? Coronavirus is stressful

I was curious if anyone else has extended family members mad at them because they are not cancelling their WDW trip?
We will be there this weekend and next week. Our two oldest adult children and extended family are very angry that we are still going with our youngest adult child. They think its selfish to be traveling to an area with a huge population in close proximity with this virus. They are all telling us that when we get back they don’t want to spend time with us for 14 days just in case.
We love Disney and this is our 7 trip in 14 years. Is it selfish? I am starting to second guess our trip.

Ultimately, it’s your trip, and your life. If anything, I would say it’s selfish on their part to try to guilt you into cancelling. You are an adult capable of making your own decisions. Just like they are adults and can decide to stay away from you for 14 days after.
Unless you are in a high at risk group, I would go.


It is not selfish – I understand people’s concerns, but WDW is no more dangerous at this point than your local grocery store. I guess I understand concern, but not anger. If they are reassured by a 14 day separation period after, then if it gives them peace of mind I would personally smile and say fine.


This seems perfectly reasonable. I wouldn’t take offense at that precaution.

But I also don’t blame you for going.

For me, our May trip has been 3 years in the making. I just can’t imagine cancelling it right now.


It’s not selfish. You could catch it anywhere.


I just took my kids to a college basketball game last weekend. 16,000 people yelling and screaming, and didn’t think twice about going.

People are going to concerts, sporting events, taking public transportation to work, etc. So Disney isn’t any more or less risky than our day to day lives.

I truly believe this virus has been in the U.S. for months, and the only cases we are hearing about are the very serious/fatal cases (just like seasonal flu) and thousands of us have either already been exposed or have had it, thinking we had a cold/flu and have recovered.


I don’t think it is selfish at all for you to go on your trip. Now is the best time to go… when there are hardly any confirmed cases.
I think your family is wise to stay away for 14 days though. It’s just an easy precaution for them.


Angry? Guessing it’s fear-based.

They need to calm down. You are allowed to assess the risk and make your own decisions. They are allowed to make decisions in response to your actions (staying away for 14 days).

We’re going in 3 weeks, no plans to cancel.


You have to live your life and cannot be ruled by fear.

Precautions, yes. Isolation at this point, no.

In the US, for the most part, people are still living life as normal; going to work, school, church, social events, restaurants, sporting events, … and entertainment. People are taking public transit everyday in very cramp quarters.


I thought this on the tube in London yesterday at rush hour!


Tell them to make it 30 and they have a deal. Then go enjoy your vacation.


We are headed there next month and have absolutely no plans on changing…and I would resent the heck out of anyone who tried to make me feel bad about it. I agree, if they want to impose a 14 day isolation from them, I completely understand and that is their decision to make and I wouldn’t blame them for that in the least…just as you going on your vacation is yours to make.

Have a fabulous time!


Their anger is really concern for your safety, and theirs upon your return, which is understandable. I’m considering booking a last minute trip mid-april to celebrate the end of a job before I start at a new one. Probably I will get flack from family and friends, and I’ll take their point of view into consideration. Ultimately the decision to go is yours. The relationships may need some conversations to reduce resentment no matter the decision. As long as there is love and respect, it’ll be fine. You do you.


I agree with Diane, their anger is rooted in love and concern is my guess. Everyone analyizes the risk differently. You heard them out, respect their wishes to stay away for a couple weeks, and make the decision your comfortable with. Going end of May, situation would need to change significantly for me to change my trip.


We have a Disney cruise planned for April 11-18. DW is freaking out. Not that she is worried about catching the virus, but her concern is that someone else on the boat has it or has symptoms and we get quarantined on the boat after our scheduled return. We have about 35 days until we go. At this point, I wish it would either get much worse or much better. We have trip insurance, but it doesn’t cover for this, so if we decided not to go, we are out $9000. I want to go pretty much no matter what. I’d even take the option to sail at a later date, but don’t want to cancel and lose the money.


My reply is that everything is non-refundable now. (We do have trip insurance FWIW.) We’re still planning to go, and we’re adding extra precautions. Biggest one is that I’m not going to ask my 80+ year old mother to pick us up at the airport; we’ll call a Lyft, just to make sure.

In the middle of our trip is 4 nights on the Dream. We’re eyeballing contingency plans on that in case something happens on the boat. (It’s not like there aren’t other things to do in Orlando…)

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A cruise is one thing I won’t do now. Not sure I ever will frankly.


My sister is a flight attendant and just got back from South America. She will be staying with us for about a week. I wonder what your family members stance would be on that??? I am not going to turn her away. My family doesn’t have any high risk people so we will continue to be diligent in hand washing and proceed as normal. If one of us was high risk, that would be a different story. I feel like you should go with what you feel is best and let your family do what they feel is best. If you cancel just because of them, it may cause resentment.


My family hasn’t said anything. I’m not sure why your family would want to “quarantine” you as you’re not going to a place that has the virus in abundance. But if that’s what they want, then so be it. I’m not cancelling my trip in May, even if my family complained.


I was listening to a podcast this morning (Science Vs.) doing their second special episode on this virus, and the experts they were talking with said that first off, many more people probably have or have had it simply because unless you are in one of the high risk categories (and even then not always) it shows up just like a cold or flu symptom-wise and we would never know the difference. Second, the increased death rate is much more likely a factor of places like Iran only reporting the sickest as having it, not counting the people with mild cases in their stats.

You can either live your life or go into hiding and stop living. I’d rather take reasonable precautions and do the protocols like frequent handwashing than isolate myself. (Besides, I’m a firm believer that when it is your time, it is your time, and if you make “plan A” impossible (such as missing a flight on a plane that crashes) and it’s your time, “plan B” will get you (you’ll get hit by a car crossing the street or something) so worrying about it isn’t going to change anything.)