Family angry! Anyone else? Coronavirus is stressful

I have my worries like the rest of you as my wife and I are going the 14th of April. I agree with most that you could stand next to a person in your local mall or theater and contract it without knowing where it came from. The most you can hope for then is that you don’t spread it and that you live though it. I am 70 and in fair health but I believe I am taking more of a risk but the question becomes where. If I stay home I can get it, If I go to WDW I might get it, or I might get it in a plane. Fact is that if I am going to get it at all I probably will never know where so I am going to WDW and enjoy the magic with my wife. Oh yes, I like to eat and there really isn’t anything interesting at home but I can think of a Million places in WDW I could go. Also WDW is a magical place and I know that for a fact. I went on Peter Pan’s Ride and damn after that I never grew up. :upside_down_face:


My philosophy:

We all only have ~70 years to live and I don’t want to lose this one just because there is a minute chance I could get sick.

But I will take all the common sense precautions (washing hands, etc.) and be careful in crowds.


this is so great!


I agree. Coronavirus is incredibly stressful. We used to go to WDW in October each year, but after I stressed about three hurricanes that were hitting Florida right around the time we had planned to go, we decide to move our trips to the spring to avoid the added stress. Who saw this coming?

Our trip to WDW is in just under two weeks. As long as WDW will still have us at that point and the airline is still flying to MCO, we have no plans to cancel either. We are going to be extra diligent about hand washing, not touching our faces, etc.

My work sent out a memo yesterday saying that if anyone travels, they may be required to work from home for 14 days upon returning.


Good grief!:roll_eyes:

You don’t have to travel to get the Coronavirus!


This actually sounds ideal to me!


You ain’t kidding. Even if I hadn’t been planning on traveling I’d for sure be taking a trip after that memo came out.


It comes down to the fact that there is risk in everything we do. Does traveling increase your risk in getting the virus? Sure. However, the risk is not significant (at this time). If you are a healthy adult/adolescent, you shouldn’t be worried about traveling domestically and to most nations.

If you aren’t willing to get on a plane because of the virus, you might as well just stay in bed all day.


Ok the last response made me laugh so hard!!! My family isn’t thrilled (esp. my parents who we told have to stay home too compromised to risk it). Plan on washing hands, we don’t eat out that often anyway, it’s in our state already and we can always drive home if we need to. When people ask my opinion my question is “would you be comfortable being quarantined where you are traveling to”? I try to be careful but not be ruled by fear. If they ask people not to travel domestically I won’t but no one has said that yet.


:point_up_2::point_up_2::point_up_2: This all day. There are currently no threat levels for US domestic travel, and unless you are traveling to/from China, Iran, South Korea, Italy, or Japan…your risk of getting COVID-19 are far, far less than you contracting the flu. There is nothing about this virus that would make me cancel DISNEY plans at all.


Couple days ago I was reading an NPR article about Hong Kong’s draconian quarantine efforts to contain the Corona virus. One person in the article remarked that while 2 had died of the Corona virus, 100 died from the regular flu.

My sister’s been saying this for at least a month - flu is out there and we’ve been living with it for so long we’re not even paying attention any more.

I do seem to get sick more when I travel but when I really pay attention to proper hand hygiene, I’m fine.

If Disney’s open for our planned trip dates, we’re going.


There are worse things than being quarantined on a Disney boat :smile:


Unless it’s one of the ones in IaSW. :wink:


Maybe this means I won’t get sick traveling because everyone will actually be washing their hands!!!

My mom does not want me to go on Sunday. I’m not really scared. Maybe a little of the flight, but I always am. I’m more afraid of people than a virus though.

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Not really fair to compare this new virus to the flu. By all current estimates, the new virus is far deadlier than the flu in terns of deaths per number of people infected. Also, the flu vaccine further reduces a person’s chance of death from the flu while there is no vaccine for the new virus.


The important thing to not lose sight of with this disease though is that literally NOBODY has been vaccinated against it as there is no vaccine.

People HAVE been able to revive flu vaccine, providing a means of slowing it down from spreading (herd immunity) or lowering the chance of severe illness if it is contracted.

If the numbers of people who have died from flu are frightening, consider how much worse it could be without vaccine. Then you will understand why this disease is a high risk situation.

All that said, at this time there are no travel restrictions for domestic travel and so my family is very much looking forward to our trio in 49 days.


Ha! I replied before finishing the thread. We said the same thing.

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There is no known reliable fatality rate for covid19 because we still don’t know how widespread the infections have been. It is very likely that the virus was in the U.S. and people recovered from it without seeking treatment before the public ever became aware. Testing is still ramping up in the U.S., and every day people are joining the tens of thousands who have recovered. As the number of detected infections increases, and it will when we actually start testing for it, the statistical fatality rate will decline.

And keep in mind that the media thrives on bad news, not good. If they wanted, they could lead the news with how many people are recovering every day. Instead they barely report it. They also choose not to emphasize that most of those who ARE infected only experience mild to moderate symptoms. There are people working very hard to address this virus outbreak, but the media are actually making it harder by inducing unfounded panic. Don’t fall for it.


Our state officials are asking the public to avoid all non-essential travel. But our trip is still a ways away, and we will be vigilant about wiping down all airplane surfaces, washing hands frequently, and avoiding touching our eyes, nose and mouth. We’ll have hand sanitizer in the parks. And…WDW is essential, no?