Fall room discounts and fall free dining are finally here


Free dining is for 18 days in September, 10 days in November and two weeks before Christmas

Room discounts up to 30% for Passholders, 20% for the general public


There is also a room-only discount covering more fall and holiday season dates


Interested to see if they also released more military rooms!! The CM I spoke with yesterday when checking to see if there were any mil rooms available (were not, and have not been each time I’ve checked since May) said they sometimes release additional blocks of them and she felt one was coming soon.

I take that with a grain of salt, of course, since she also said you can book mil room rates online (you can’t). Fingers crossed, though, and ready to call promptly at 7am!!

Note: if your vacation is ALREADY BOOKED you are not very likely not going to see any savings, and may in fact see a price increase, with these offers. This is because offers are based on CURRENT room and ticket prices, both of which may have increased substantially since the time of your booking.


Bummer. I booked POP back in February before the rate increased.


You all are awesome! Saw this post this morning; we already were booked for CB in November that included the new specials dates. Did a quick check on which of the new offers might save us money on our existing reservation (that already included DDP). Was on the phone at 7am to modify our reservation to take advantage of the Free Dining offer and it saved us $500 :grin: I would never have seen this if not for this fantastic forum. Thanks!


Worth checking, though. We also booked in February and still saved $500 on our exact same booked vacation. I was only on hold for about 10 minutes this morning to modify our reservation and get the savings. Yay-rah!

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If you booked through a travel agent, do they have to do the calling or can I call Disney myself?

Yep. I booked Pop in January and am paying less than I would if I changed to an AllStar resort! (Only 2 of my nights would count for the discount even if there was a lower rate though, so…)

You are so lucky! My phone acted up when I tried to call exactly at 7am. I finally was able to call at 7:06am and I am still on hold!

Does it mean they are trying to fill the park because not enough people booked for the SW GE opening???
If it’s the case, it’s a bummer it is exactly when I’ll be there in September.


Hang in there and good luck!

Thanks! The message initially said 45 min wait, going on almost 1.5 hours now. Sigh. Just tried to call on my mom’s phone, and first got a busy signal, then got a “sorry, all circuits are busy” message.

No discounts for stays in October - darn!

There are discounts of 10-20% for stays Sunday through Thursday night from September 29th through November 7th


Woo Hoo! I just saved over $400 dollars with AP discount on our two rooms at ASMu and my friend will save $71 on hers!

Thanks, Liners!


Some of the new discounts available mid-Dec (but none that applied to our current reservations or places we’d like to stay and def still no military rates available) but nothing that doesn’t already appear on the website. I was on hold for 1 hour 50 minutes and ended up with a dining rep (no idea how, entered my resort confirmation # at beginning of call) so I’d strongly suggest checking on the website rather than calling (if you are able, gotta call for mil rates unfortunately).

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I need to call to split a payment and I can’t get through.

That’s exactly what I found out this morning. We booked at 499 days so it will actually cost about $200 more to switch to the free dining offer.


Does this work for DVC members? I went through David’s Vacation Club. I’m currently on hold because I guess I figure it couldn’t hurt to try.