Fall Mostly Solo Mini-Break Trip 9/27-10/1

Welcome to my pre-trip and trip report for my mini-break, Sept 27-Oct 1!!

Me (Beth)! Disneyphile for life!! I teach special ed in NYC, and we are fortunate enough to get the major Jewish holidays off (mega-high population of students AND faculty in the public school systems), so we are out for Rosh Hashanah and this year it again falls on a Monday and Tuesday (technically sundown Sunday through sundown on Tuesday - we are out Monday and Tuesday). So it’s the perfect excuse to take a trip to Disney!!

My friend Cristen, who is also a Disneyphile and who teaches in Sarasota. We met doing the NYC Teaching Fellows 14 years ago! Barring unforeseen circumstances (like if she can’t get a sub for 9/30), she’ll be joining me on Sunday and we’re doing MNSSHP and then hanging on Monday.

The plans as they stand now (I may or may not be prone to changing things around):

I’ll leave school when we’re dismissed (2:50pm) and either take the subway or splurge on an Uber to JFK. Fly to Charlotte, change planes, and fly to MCO. Scheduled to land at 12:02 - hoping that the trend of landing early when flying south continues. Head to DME and go to Pop Century!!

Morning is a little loose at this point as I’m not sure how long I’ll sleep - last year I did a similar time frame trip over Rosh Hashanah (which was right now last year) and was still up early enough to make rope drop). I don’t tend to sleep super late anyway. I’ll grab breakfast at the resort - I tend to do two meals a day and just grab a snack and soda the rest of the time - and then as it stands now I’m planning to head to MK for the morning and gasp wing it without and FP+. I’d love to hit all 3 mountains, but we’ll see if I can manage that. I’m not doing FP+ for the morning because I have one for Na’vi in the evening that I don’t want to lose. I’ll likely stay at MK for the parade (2pm per the schedule) and then head over to AK where I have late afternoon FP+ for Safaris and Everest (Everest one is subject to change most since I can do Single Rider there). I’ll grab some dinner after that - I’m torn because I love Satu’li but I also love Nomad. Right now Nomad is leading because Cristen and I are planning Satu’li on Monday AND because I’d asked about getting just fries without the truffle ickiness of the poutine and a few people (on another forum) have asked me to report back. Then the FP+ for Na’vi. And I’ll likely do FoP stand-by and then head back to the resort.

Get up and grab maybe a smoothie at Pop before heading to Epcot where I’ve got FP+ for Spaceship Earth and Mission Space - and will try to do another couple of things stand-by (not as enamored with Soarin’, so it’s an easy skip for me) in Future World before meeting Cristen about 11:30 (she’s going to come in to meet me and rack up a visit towards the coasters). We’re going to head to Disney Springs for brunch at the BOATHOUSE!!! Then over to Pop to chill and get ready for the party!! I think Cristen is bounding as Vanellope - could have changed. I was going to bound as Shank, but it’s likely to be very hot for that, so I’m leaning more towards Ariel (I inadvertently bounded as her to Orange Theory one day with teal leggings and a purple tank). We’ll see. Party that night!!

Get up and head to the Boardwalk for breakfast ay Bon Voyage!! We’re both super excited about that!! Then it’s off to Animal Kingdom where we’ve got FP+ for Safaris and Dinosaur and Flight of Passage!! This might be Cristen’s first time riding…not 100% sure on that, but if so, YAY!!! We’re going to eat at Satu’li (again, possibly a first for Cristen). Then Cristen will have to head home and I’ll head over to Epcot. If I can grab a FP+ for something that’s cool, if not, no biggie. I have a ticket for an Illuminations Dessert Party that is hosted by Attractions Magazine and the travel agency I use for what I know will be an ugly cry fest as we say farewell to Illuminations. Back to the hotel after for the night.

Get up and finish packing, grab breakfast at Pop, and be ready for the Tragical Express which I’m sure will be about 9 as my flight is at noon. :frowning:

I’m excited!! It’ll be a quick trip and bittersweet saying goodbye to Illuminations, but it’ll be fun!!


i hope you have a great time! We will be there the same time and have a somewhat similar agenda, maybe we will bump into you 2! - We are flying in Sat 9/28 staying until Sat 10/5 - going to MK on sun 9/29 and the party, going to AK on Mon 9/30 as well :slight_smile:


It sounds really fun!

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So jealous. Have fun!

Thanks all! Feeling pretty settled with this as it is. I’ll periodically play around with getting a TS in there somewhere (which is actually how the 28th ended up an AK afternoon and evening with a probable MK morning - I booked a Sanaa lunch so had to move my Na’vi and in the 5 minutes or so it was changed one person grabbed the earlier afternoon Na’vi so I’m stuck with that timing right now - still looking for an earlier time and will adjust if I snag one. If I do, then it will be AK morning and afternoon and probably Disney Springs evening.) but I really just end up feeling overstuffed with too many sit-downs.

T-minus 8 days to go!!!

REALLY keeping my fingers crossed that Jerry stays on his forecast path AWAY from the US coast!!! (Not that I’m wishing harm on Bermuda. I’m fine with him staying out at sea.)


I keep going back and forth with doing breakfast at Kona on the 28th. Part of me really wants to give it another chance (has a not-great server my first and only visit a couple of years ago) - and try the Loco Moco (Hawaii prep 101) then go to MK and hit the 3 mountains (knowing they will be busier after park opening to everyone. But another part says just grab something quick at Pop for breakfast, get to MK for EMH and do the 3 mountains and other stuff, and hit Captain Cooks (the meatballs) or Contempo Cafe for lunch before heading to AK for the afternoon and evening.

Thoughts? (And no, sadly there is no gluten-free version of Tonga Toast, so that argument which I have gotten often is a moot point for me. Loco Moco is on the allergy menu as being safe.)

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I will be there on the same day. I would (will) go for EMH, just because the wait times have been even better then predicted and an empty park is really hard to resist. This is a screenshot that I took stalking EMH wait times this week (7:16 Orlando time)


Kona has gotten some bad reviews on chat lately. I would probably skip it!

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Interesting. Food is so subjective - on another forum someone asked about Kona vs. Bon Voyage breakfast (which usually gets raves here) and Kona won by a landslide.

I can’t remember what all was said. Bad service. No more nut butter? I’ve never been so I can’t say :woman_shrugging:t2:

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I’m not denying there could have been stuff. Just saying that not what I have found reading threads on another forum.

Wasn’t denying it. It just stood out to me because I had previously read good reviews. So was surprised how many commented. Either way I am sure it will be a wonderful day!

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Sorry couldn’t help myself.
Looking forward to following along…(and nice to see you posting)

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Looks like Saturday is going to be all Animal Kingdom. LOL. I was playing around with FP+ and an 8:45am Safari one popped up. I thought “Oh, I’ll grab it!” and did, figuring I could grab the evening one back. WRONG. :rofl::rofl:

I’ve stretched things out with Dino at 2:35 and Na’vi is still holding steady at 6:25. I figure this way I can take my time on trails, see FOTLK and Nemo…do lunch at Nomad…maybe dinner at Satu’li. (Or lunch at Restaurantosaurus - hey, I like it before Dino and a later dinner at Nomad after Na’vi…)

Ah well. Half the fun is changing things up.


I didn’t like it. I hadthe macadamia pancakes. The flavor was ok, not exceptional. I don’t think the pineapple was fresh. The worst thing though was it left agreasy film in my mouth. That was truly unpleasant. Other items may be great.

Checked in for my flight last night!!

And this morning the $100 hold is already on my account and I’ve gotten the “Your room is not quite ready” text!! No biggie on that - I have the full school day and 2 flights (to Charlotte and to Orlando) to go!!

It’s really here!!


Safe travels!! Have all the fun!! :sparkler::sparkler:

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Have a great time!

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