Facebook groups for 2021

February 2021 Liners facebook group:

Come join!! :blush:

Hello February 2021 liners… come join!!

If you are not on Facebook you can comment below your dates, where you’re staying, or any other fun info about your upcoming trip.

Other Facebook groups for 2021 Liners please post a link to your page here, Thanks!! :):grinning:

August 2020 and 2021 Liners facebook group:


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December Disney World Liners Facebook group:

October 2021 Liners facebook group:


Looking for a May/June group and also a Nov. group. Both 2021!

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Liners WDW March 2021 group



Any July 2021 groups yet?

@bellegrace Have you made a July group?? Looks like there will be interest.

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July 2021 Facebook group @42_Wallaby_Way

@lizard428 @bellegrace

Is there a September group? I searched FB but didn’t come up with one…

Not of which I’m aware. A bunch of us who are planning to go in September are kind of keeping tabs on each other in a thread about table service ADR’s, but it’s very informal. I’ll try to find that thread and link it here, if you like. :smiley:

… Crossing my fingers:

Thanks so much!