Facebook groups for 2019

Are there any groups on Facebook for 2019 yet? I need a March and May group :slight_smile:


Here is the February 2019 group that I started:

I have not seen one for March or May yet but you could always start one!! :wink:

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I haven’t heard about these groups. (PS we are also heading to the world in March 2019)

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The Facebook groups is just another way to get info!! Some people are not on the Forum or Chat.
Lets say Early Morning Magic is released and someone posts it, everyone receives a notification about it. In Chat or Forum you can sometimes miss the info!

It is also a great way to find people to do a memory maker share.

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Here’s the link to the March 2019 Facebook group

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Cool idea, is there an April 2019 group?

Yeah, I’m looking for a Jan 2019 facebook group.

If anyone needs a May 2019 group, I need that too. I’ll start one if I get a second person to admin with me.


I have just submitted a join request. We’re planning our first WDW trip in February 2019.

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Accepted… welcome!!

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Shared on the February 2019 Liner group page!!

We’ll be there in May! What does an admin do?

We just create the page and accept or deny member requests. Keep an eye out for anyone being ugly :slight_smile: if you want to do it with me, friend me on Facebook and I’ll do it. I am Neva Borders Huddleston on Facebook.

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We will be there in May too! Can I join as well?

Friended you!

I’m a January as well. I joined the February group since it was the only one at the time.

Here’s our group for May 2019!


Thanks, I just sent a request to join (Jenny Brock)

How cool!!!

do you join every trip? What if you’re crazy like me and go every 4-6 weeks? :joy:

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