Facebook groups for 2019

Sure, if you are going in May, join us :slight_smile:

I’m January also. Are people still doing the join February thing?

I’m January, as well! Is there a FB group yet?

I just searched for and joined the February group.

Here’s the group for April 2019

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Oh, why not…

Here’s the Liners group for October/November 2019!


ETC: Changed to an October/November group.


Sent a join request for May. We’ll technically be there in April as well, but only for two days so not sure whether to join the April one too…


Hello All. I’m known as Disney Denise in the Liner community. I started a Oct Nov 2019 Liner group and memory share. Come join us!

Any questions, please message me. Invite your family and friends who are planning a trip to WDW in October. I will be giving away one pair of mouse ears to a lucky October group member.

Share and share again! Thank you


I need to make a group for August and September liners, but need someone to admin it with me. Anyone going in those months?

September group! September 2019 Liners | Facebook


July group!

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Didn’t know about Facebook groups. This is great. Just submitted a request for Feb 2019. Very late to the game.

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I’m going in September and don’t mind helping out. (Not a Disney expert not sure if that matters)

We have a group, come join us! September 2019 Liners | Facebook

Thank you for setting this up. I just sent a request to join - Kathy Collins :slight_smile:

What’s the actual name of the group this is trying to make me sign in via the web and I have no idea what my password is lol

September 2019 liners or May or March, depending on which one you are asking about :slight_smile:

Just requested for September,thanks!

Did you ever make an August group? I found the September one but not August. I could help admin it, if needed.