Face Masks


Disney face masks available for presale and small sizes. Cute. I preordered a set for myself.

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Did you get a hulk one???

Thought about it. But i got Mickey and Minnie

My wife saw these and is thinking about buying a set. End of June date stinks… But oh well.

I cannot believe how cheap they are. Although maybe once the are sold in the parks you’ll start seeing the $50 versions. :slightly_smiling_face:

My wife has a theory. For on site guests, Disney will provide plain masks for free (assuming they start requiring masks) which you will find upon arrival in your room. But then they will have all kinds of upcharge masks in the parks. This ensures guests can’t say they don’t have a mask, but guests will then pay for the cute ones…much like Magic bands.

I thought it was a reasonable plan.


This is what I think as well. Plus maybe free ones right outside or just inside the gates…in the kiosk for the 50 Disney branded versions.

We got our first batch of masks today! We ordered two sets - one for kids (small) and one for adults. The material feels very comfortable and the ear straps are softer than I expected. The best way I can describe it is sweatshirt material - or maybe double-layered t-shirt - but very soft.

By the way, there’s no way I could wear a small one - ears wouldn’t even loop. So don’t bank on “one size fits all.” I’m looking forward to trying our large ones when they arrive.

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DD6 is borderline too big for her mask. If you are ordering new ones, may want to try medium for elementary kids (my kids are petite so they should work).


Can’t wait to get ours! Your DD6 is adorable in her Porg shirt and mask! May she visit the outpost soon!


You DD is adorable with her mask!:star_struck:

DD22 has to wear a mask at work all day. She says if the ears are pulled forward, the loops hurt her ears after awhile. For her to wear the mask all day, she says the mask fits best and is most comfortable with straps over the head and neck.

Other people who wear masks for work regularly can probably give better

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Yes I don’t like this in general about masks - I have been wearing one that ties behind my head for this reason. I’m hoping the larger size doesn’t tug on the ears.

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Bigger could be better for the ears. Unfortunately, you need to try them out. Order lots of different sizes!

We went back and forth on style. There were too many factors to work out for fit and comfort. We settled on a hybrid because elastic is hard to get, and cutting and sewing 4 ties is time consuming. The elastic goes over the head to hold the mask in place while tying. There is a wire across the top the help with fit. image

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Not regarding the Disney masks, but wife adjusted the elastic one my gauzy ones. Great, so far. I had tried them out a couple shopping trips. Yesterday, with temps hitting about 90, I decided that give it go for about three hours straight, so including while grilling outside. Honestly, I started to not even notice it was on. So happy with them for the Florida heat.


Am I really the only person in the world who finds this all so ghoulish?

A kid. In a mask. It’s horrifying, no?

Is everyone else in denial, or is this a new aspect to my craziness that’s only now manifesting itself?


Well … I can’t say I enjoy wearing them or looking at people and not seeing their faces. However, I’m getting used to it. And I keep telling myself it’s not going to last forever. But if you have to wear one, it might as well be cute!


It’s a good thing I have been around long enough to get your humor or I might have been offended by you calling my daughter a ghoul. :joy::joy::joy:

But to answer your question, I am well into the acceptance phase. I think masks can be fun. But I will be glad when they’re no longer necessary.


Your daughter is, of course, an angel. Well, what I can see of her. Who knows what horrors are being hidden by the mask.

It’s the ghoulishness of the situation that troubles me. Children wearing masks. It’s just so wrong. It’s a denial of childhood innocence.

When you posted your delightful photo, what I saw was this —




This is why you must never leave the forum.


she’s adorable. Mine is 6 and I ordered mediums. Haven’t shipped yet but I hope they are comfy! I feel like i’ve already gone through so many different types/styles of masks and haven’t found one i really like yet…

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