Extra, Extra Magic Hours

Sadly, only go through 11/2. I’m looking at 11/14 and beyond.

Anyone ready to bite?

Pardon me if this is already being discussed elsewhere. I didn’t see it.

There are a couple of threads. This is the one I started:

You have a slightly different take. I don’t this this announcement prevents any type of extension. Do you?

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I think it may get extended, subject to how they’re going. If crowds are still a massive issue, then yes- I think they’ll extend. If they are starting to die down, then I think we’ll get an extension of some sort- maybe 8am daily etc. I just genuinely think this is their way of keeping offsite and AP’s away, particularly with no FP’s being available. Maybe Nov 3 is the date FP’s are slated to become available?

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Ah. Thank you. I didn’t open this thread because I was planning on November.

We’ll be there the week after these dates so I am holding my breath to see what they do! It will be an adventure for sure…

As discussed on the Disney Dish podcast, this is their attempt to get people to go before the Christmas Crunch. On-site hotels aren’t booking as fast as anticipated. Disney thinks not as many people are moving up there vacation plans to be there when SWEG opens. It’s going to be an insane Christmas week at both SWGE parks.