Express Passes Needed Now at Universal Orlando?

We are going to Universal Orlando the first week in July. Booked a stay at Royal Pacific for the “free” express passes, but are express passes really needed now? Given the virtual lines and limited capacity, I didn’t know how valuable the express passes would be… We could save lots of money staying at Saphire Falls or Cabana Bay. Any words of advice? Keep reservation at Royal Pacific or save some money and stay at one of the other resorts?

I’d still use the Express Passes. Personally, I’d rather not be trying to check my phone all day for the Virtual Queue passes. But, we stay at RPR for Express Passes even in normal slow times because we love the flexibility of just choosing a ride and riding it whenever with little to no wait. Also, I think July may be higher crowds at UOR than we are seeing now although who knows at this point.


and their AP, at higher lvls, include Express Pass

We will be traveling from out of state, so probably not going to invest in an Annual Pass (if that’s what AP stands for)…

How long are you staying? An AP might be cheaper than tickets. Plus the AP discount on rooms is great!


What she said, @audralee45

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6 nights. We have a 5 day park to park ticket that includes volcano bay. Two adults and 2 teenagers, 17 & 15.

If you just do the Seasonal 3 park AP, it’s cheaper than a 5 day 3 park ticket. Plus you get the room discount. Not sure if there’s a way to change your tickets since you already purchased though. Others here might be able to chime in. Even just changing one of your tickets to an AP would allow the room discount.


You’d have to check blackout dates though.