Explain this to me, please!

Today I got my first text alert of a 100 pt. DVC Boardwalk contract.

But I’m confused by something on it.

It says:

New - Boardwalk Villas

100 Points @ 160 Per Point
October Use Year

2021: 197 (97 banked)
2022: 100

So, it is that last part I’m unclear on. When it says 2021 has 197 points, 97 banked, with an October use year, does that mean that the 97 banked points expire October of 2021? So starting after October, it really is just 100 points? Or does it mean that as of October of 2021, 97 points will carry over?

Incidentally, I’m not planning to jump on this, since we haven’t made a decision one way or the other. But I want to understand what I’m looking at.

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Giving this a shot: In October that contract will get 100 points as well as the 97 points that were banked forward from 2020; 10/1/21 you would have access to 197 points to use. Those 97 banked points will expire on 9/30/2022. So you’ll have plenty of time to use those before they expire even considering that ROFR takes about 100 years and then some.


Okay. Thanks. That makes sense.

In our case, even if I decided to buy, those 97 points wouldn’t help us since we aren’t planning to go until end of 2022. But it is nice to understand this when future alerts come through!

Then this would not be a good contract for you to buy, since you’ll pay for points you won’t use. Unless you were to rent them, of course.

I would always consider whether points on the contract will actually be available for use before the whole sale and transfer of points to your membership is done. When I bought mine, it came with points like this one. We would have had until 11/30 to make use of them, but for our purposes we really only had until Columbus Day weekend to use them due to other commitments. Even having had the offer accepted in June I barely got the points in time to make use of them for October. So definitely keep in mind that resale can be a very lengthy process. It’s not uncommon for it to take at least 3 months to be complete. It certainly can go faster but plan for the worst when you’re considering what contract will work for you.

Good points for me to keep in mind. Appreciate the input!

I do have another question for those who bought via resale…that is, when a contract is listed (in this case, $160/pt), what is a reasonable “offer” to make? Like, let’s say I wanted this one. Should I just say $160, or would it be reasonable to offer $150/pt etc?

(I do realize that if you really really really want this contract, it is probably worth not offering less to make sure it goes through…but in my case, I see $160/pt a little on the higher side of what I’d prefer to pay, so someone DID want this or similar contract, what would be a good counter offer?)

Right now? Full price.

Historically you could start about 10% lower and work on countering back and forth and come up a few dollars less than list.

But right now the market is crazy and if you don’t go full price you probably won’t get your offer accepted. Now, whether that matters is up to you - how much do you want this particular listing? You’ve mentioned not noticing Boardwalk 100point contracts at all in the last 2 weeks (until, evidently, today). It seems like it’s fairly rare, so if you wanted it it wouldn’t make sense to dick around.

Have you considered what would be a desirable use year for your travel pattern?

I’m not entirely sure it matters (other than when making that initial purchase as far as point availability). I think MOSTLY we’ll want to travel early December (for sure in 2022 that’s the plan), but I think we may choose to change that up. For example, I’d like to go sometime during Festival of the Arts. We are looking at probably going every other year.

So, as far as Use year, probably something that tends to be in the second half of the calendar year makes the most sense.

So you’ll want a fall use year, even for FARTS.
That way you land in the very situation we discussed above: you get points on, for example, 10/1 that you can use for December or FARTS – and if you have to cancel said trip you are well before your bank date so that you don’t lose your points. This assumes you cancel before you are within 30 days of travel at which point they would go into holding and could not be banked. But having your use year immediately or as close to your usual expected travel times gives you the most flexibility and least risk.

I always think of it as the Price Is Right - you want to be as close to travel without going over :wink:

That lines up pretty much with my thinking.

If I could custom-order a resale contract, it would be a fall use year that is stripped but with new points coming in 2022 (or possibly 2021) so that it would have a cheaper price point. We don’t need points until December of 2022.

Of course, beggars can’t be choosers, so once we’ve decided fully, I’ll have to be ready to jump on whatever comes that meets our basic needs.

You want bank able points. So 2021.

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One thing I would add to this - I would keep an eye on the Disboard ROFR threads to see what offer amounts are being made / accepted / passed ROFR. Individual listings may be higher or lower than what other contracts of similar value are going for, so you should make sure you are familiar with going rates before making an offer. Some listing rates are very reasonable and others are high enough that I would go in with a low ball if I was going to bid.


Thanks. Good idea.

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Just checked. It interesting to see how low people are paying per point that makes it through RoFR for 100 pts at BWV. Much lower than the listings I am seeing for even higher point contracts.

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Personally, I would put in an offer at a price you feel would be a reasonable l based on actual recent transactions you are seeing. You can find good deals if you put in enough offers on different broker sites (not all at once of course :wink:).

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This was very helpful for me when deciding what offer to make for my resale!

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I contacted the reseller about how much the listing sold for. $160 per point. They said it was the highest they ever sold a Boardwalk 100 pt contract for and they expect the next to sell even higher.

So…it isn’t looking hopeful we will be buying into DVC anytime soon. We are already priced out. Prices were as much as $30 less per point only 2 months ago.

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Wow, that is a little nuts, I paid $147 for only 25 points!

Okay. So through a DIFFERENT reseller, I received a notification of another 100 pt contract. Within about 1 minute of receiving the notification, I put in the offer. And…someone else beat me to it! (I’m first on the list in case they back out, which I doubt they will, considering how fast they were!)

This really is a time to practice those ROTR BG skills. :smiley:


Whoa! May the odds ever be in your favor. You’ll have to practice entering your offer into the app lol.

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Of course a broker will tell you that prices are screaming and you have to jump now or it’ll be gone forever. Still offer what you think is fair! BWV passing much lower than that right now.