Explain this to me, please!

Trouble is…when an offer comes up, it is gone in minutes. So, they aren’t wrong! :slight_smile:

I second this group and will add 2 notes: 1) they are always happy to give advice, 2) their prices trend low because their are a lot of bargain shoppers and people willing to under and lose compared to the general public.

Prices are so crazy right now. I should have gone for one of those 118 BWV I saw when I bought AKL in April 2020!

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Crazy. I mean I had no idea prices would rise so quickly. We were casually talking about it not knowing prices would rise by as much as $30/pt in just a few months.

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When I bought everyone thought prices were going to tank like after 9-11. I paid $117 pp for AKL, but they paid the year’s dues so it was more like $110. Thought I had wildly overpaid, but decided I was okay with that . Little did I know!