Experiences with buying souvenirs and sending them on ahead

Last night, my wife and I watched a DFB video on 8 things you shouldn’t do at Disney (but people do).

Anyhow, in the list, she mentioned carrying around souvenirs, etc. Instead, you should just have your purchases sent to your room (if you are staying on property) or sent to the front of the park if not.

I’m curious how many people actually do this (or have done it) and what your experience was. My wife said she would be nervous about doing it, fearing that it won’t actually be there when you want it/need it to be.

And I wonder about using it within the park (if not sending it to your resort). Where do you go to pick it up? How long does it take to pick it up? I mean, when you’re tired and just want to leave, I’m wondering if it is worth it.

I’ve sent purchases to my resort before. It was pretty hassle free. I think we picked up from the gift shop to get them after a certain time the next day. I’ve never bought something that I needed for the trip so the only worry was whether it would arrive before we left.

We’ve had things sent to the room but usually I just carry them. You have to fill a form in and it just seemed like it took ages. Then you pick it up from the gift shop the next day.

I’ve had them sent to both the room and the front of the park. You can’t send them to the resort if you are checking out the next day (even if you’re not leaving until late). It’s incredibly easy and I love not having to carry things around all day.

We’ve done both. I think if you send it to the front, you can’t get it until say 3 hours later or something. They don’t immediately run it up, I think they go in batches. So if you aren’t sure when you are leaving it might be worth it to hang onto your stuff.

I think saying, send to your “room”, is a misnomer, though. They send it to the gift shop in your resort. We used this when staying at POFQ, but if you are staying far away from the lobby it may add more time to go pick up your stuff.

I never found the form too difficult to fill out. I do like how they pack stuff extra well if they are sending it somewhere. So you can just pop it in your bags.

I have done it and never had any problems. Sometimes can be more of a hassle than it is worth. Now I will usually buy on my way out of a park and just carry it.

Also worth noting that they will not do this with any “food” and that includes pre-boxed or pre-bagged anything, even candy.

Yeah. That’s probably my misspeak. AJ from DFB did mention that you’d pick it up at the gift shop or front desk. I said room, but she said resort. (Don’t want to get her in trouble!)

We have done both multiple times. The downside or sending to the resort is items are not available to the afternoon/evening of the next day. Park pick up is at guest service at the front of the park. The process is the same for both options and is very simple.

Yes, the resort deliveries can sit outside on loading bays for a long time before they get loaded, so they won’t take anything which could get ruined in the heat. :slight_smile:

So, I guess having them ship the Dole Whips to our resort just isn’t going to work! Bummer. :wink:

I think they actually did send it to your room at one time. I’m pretty sure during one of our trips 10+ years ago that we bought stuff in EPCOT and that it would then magically appear in our room within 24 hours. I’m getting old, so maybe I’m just imagining things.

I did say to the room but meant to the resort!

I always send packages back to the resort. No way that I’m carrying that around. You get a receipt and then pick it up from the resort gift shop a day or two later. If you are leaving in a day or less, I’ve had them take the package to the front of the park and I pick it up on the way out of the park.

I have sent packages from parks and Disney Springs to resort. No problems. The CM at the register will tell you the time frame for pick up. Hassle free , no extra bags to lug around on a hot day! Will definitely use this perk on my next trip.

I agree – hassle free and so nice to make your way through the parks without having an extra bag or two to lug around. Also a bonus is that they pack your items so carefully, bubble wrap for days, so you can just take it and tuck into your luggage. I highly recommend it!

We’ve done it at Disney with no problems, and we’ve done it a lot at Universal, with no problems either.

I’ve had stuff sent dir rly to our resort many times. Sometimes it takes a day or so to get there but I’ve never had any issues. It’s always been a seamless process for us. Definitely recommend :+1:

Works fine and you don’t have to worry about breaking your new coffee mug or whatever souvenir you just bought. They use SOOO much packing material on those deliveries it makes the elimination of straws and lids ironic.

I had stuff shipped straight home also - we shopped for our kids bdays when we were shopping without them and had the store ship to our house so we could keep everything a surprise :slight_smile: it was a tad pricey but works for the purpose.