Everything's Been Cancelled So Let's Go to WDW! 10/23/2020 - 10/26/2020

Normally, our family goes to a lot of festivals and such during the year such as ComiCons, Scottish Highland Games, STEM Festivals, and other fun things like that. This year, everything we normally go to was cancelled through the end of the year. We, especially DD18, was especially down in the dumps about that, so we thought, why not book a short trip just to do something. We knew WDW wasn’t going to be like it was before the pandemic, but there were some things we were excited about. For one thing, DD18 could dress up in costume during the month of October. There were lots of Halloween extras that are normally sold during parties. The calvacades (oh my, I hope they stick around!) looked great.

I am a germaphone in the middle of a pandemic living in a state where lots of people won’t wear masks. It’s not an easy way to live in good times, but it’s definitely not great now. I figured that WDW with all of their precautions would be safer than going to my local stores. They really didn’t disappoint.

Do I like wearing a mask? No. Did I like wearing a mask in 80+ temperatures F? Definitely not. I normally wear a respirator to keep me safe from all that don’t wear a mask, but they aren’t allowed at WDW. Thanks to a fellow liner leaving a care package at our resort, we ditched the cloth masks I sewed and wore the paper surgical masks, which were much more comfortable.

Mask compliance was very good, although I noticed some really flaunted wearing theirs down below their chin. I saw this mostly at the resort. Some CMs would say things, other would not. A couple of times I would forget to put mine back on after resting or drinking water.

The social distancing lines were confusing to some and more than once I got sandwiched between two groups in my space. I wasn’t afraid to politely tell people to step up to their line or back to their line, but some people were just very bull-headed about it. I had one couple behind me that stepped back one step when I said something, and a CM called to them several times to go back to the line before they finally did. Like, wow! What’s up with people? It won’t make them get to the ride any faster.

The lines that snaked around and had social distancing markers farther apart to keep people social distanced beside each other were hard for people. At one point, I moved back in my line far from the people beside me and ahead of me, and the CM nodded at me. I asked him if people did that all day, and he said that they did, and no matter what he did or said, it would keep happening, so he gave up. (That was MMRR). I felt sorry for him.

In AK, there was one PhotoPass photographer who would stop what he was doing and tell people to put on their masks. I could tell he was getting very irritated about it. I thanked him because while some might not appreciate it, I certainly did.


Awww! Liners are great folk. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


They are!!!


Last week I was going to write more on my trip report, but we had an emergency with my DS30 come up that changed all of our plans. There are still repercussions going on that may be around for a bit, so I will have to update a bit at a time.

We decided not to go ahead and rent ECVs again, and the plan was for me to bring my walker. The walker was a lifesaver, but I really had a hard time moving quickly and had to sit down and rest a lot. Next time we plan a WDW trip, I’m renting an ECV, or I am not going. Gregg brought his wheelchair last minute, which made it much harder to pack to the car. Just an FYI, I hate taking his wheelchair places. It may be very lightweight, but it is bulky even when broken down. He ended up not using it because it made him motion sick. In fact, he had a sick headache the whole time, including the trip down and up, and didn’t get to ride any rides the entire time. He also came to the parks later than DD18 and I did, which meant that we had to use Disney transportation while he drove.

I’m sorry that sounded like a complaint. We really had a great time and accomplished a lot more than would seem possible, thanks to some pixie dust headed our way.


We drove in on Friday (from SC), and went straight to Disney Springs. Let me tell you, I have the Orange garage. We wanted to go into the Lime, but it was closed or full, or something. We went to The Daily Poutine for our dinner, and it was good. We got the French with Yuca Fries, and I forgot what the other one was, it was a German one. And we shared. The pictures don’t do it justice. They were delicious. Thanks @OBNurseNH & @Randall1028 for getting me to try poutine. It is a divine treat.

So, our first park day was Epcot with F&W. DD18 and I took the Skyliner from Pop once we got going in the morning. It was our first time on the Skyliner, and Aneira did not like it; it made her queasy. I believe that it’s because she was facing backward. I’m not sure I’ll ever get her back on it.

It was more like 12ish when we got there, so there were no gigantic lines trying to get there. We went to the store to purchase the Remy’s Hide and Squeak so that we could start that and then we went straight to France.

I now have a brand new must-have snack at WDW: the brioche bun with ice cream inside from l’Artisan des Glaces. This thing was phenomenal.

I have a lot more to write up, but, unfortunately, I have errands to run in town.


That should have said Hate, not have.

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I used a bike rack that attaches to the back or the car to haul my wheelchair before we got the foldable rack with a ramp to haul my ECV. Both work great and make packing easier.

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Agreed! This was a highlight when we went.

Interesting idea. I should talk to Gregg about that

It’s something I certainly wouldn’t have thought was a great idea in theory. But yummmmmmy, for sure.

I have the “day off” from errand running and stuff to do, and my plan is to finish my trip report today. Well, I hope to, anyway.

It’s been almost a month since we arrived, so I’m way late. Sorry. @melcort10 is in the same boat, so I don’t feel so bad. I would have done a live report, but with only a short stay and having family with me, it just wasn’t possible.

So, back to my Epcot day. . .


Gregg was feeling better, so he drove to Epcot and met us on the bridge between France and UK.

While there, a calvacade came through. I love their car!

Then I headed to the France booth and Gregg headed to Les Halles to get our food. I wasn’t going to eat indoors, but it was so hot we needed some respite from the heat, so we met up at Les Halles for our feast.

The dome things were way too sweet and rich. Gregg had purchased two of them. Big mistake. They ended up melting in the heat during the day, so we threw them away at the end of the day. (I am not a proponent of chocolate in baked goods, thank you very much!) I got the duck confit, the escargot, the raspberry coulis for us, and we shared. Gregg couldn’t eat the duck because of the ingredients. Everything was so delicious from that booth! I forgot to take a picture of the food before eating most of the escargot dish. Sigh.

We headed to UK to look around, and got a selfie with Mary Poppins. I really suck at taking selfies, sorry.

Then we took our obligatory pic of Aneira in the phone booth.

So, Gregg went to the Mac & Cheese booth, while I went down to the Canada booth to get the Cheddar Cheese Soup and the Wild Mushroom Beef Filet. When I got back to the tent, Gregg was still in line, but we were able to find a table with chairs to sit down. Then I went to the Wine and Dine Favorites to get the Seafood Fisherman’s Pie (for Gregg and Aneira) and the Guinness Baileys Milkshake (for me). Oh my goodness! That was delicious! I should have bought two, but I didn’t. I also saw the lamb, but didn’t notice that it had pesto on it; I’m allergic to nuts. I asked if they could give me a piece without the pesto, but they marinate it in the pesto, so no go. I brought it back for my family.

Aneira went to ride Test Track and Gregg and I meandered over to Mexico and Norway. Spent some time in the shops in Norway. We spent some time resting in Akershus with the A/C. Gregg bought school bread and we shared it It was lovely! We met up with Aneira at The Alps booth. I couldn’t have the Blueberry and Almond Frangipane Tart, but Aneira really liked it. We shared the warm raclette Swiss cheese.

Then I got the grapefruit beer in Germany. Yum!

We walked and rested all around WS, and Gregg decided he needed to go back to the resort to rest. Aneira did not want to ride the Skyliner back, so she went with him, and I leisurely strolled back to the Skyliner, stopping at Brazil for the pork belly and bread. That was some delicious stuff, let me tell you.

All in all, Epcot day was nice and leisurely. Gregg and I didn’t ride any rides. I would have liked to ride the Three Caballeros ride and LwtL, but Gregg wasn’t up to it, and I had to rest too much from the heat and the walking.

I met them all back at the resort and we got ready for, and went to bed. AK day is next.


Food looked great!

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It was! Most of it, anyway.


You made excellent food choices!!

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The next day was our AK day, and we got up rather early, but not so early that we rope-dropped. Gregg still wasn’t feeling very well, so Aneira and I took the bus after getting our coffee, soda, and water from Everything Pop. We had bought the Star Wars refillable mugs. They are definitely worth the extra money for them. They keep things hot or cold for quite a while.

After the temp screening, security, and tapstiles, Aneira and I separated while I went to ride KS, and she rode EE.

But first, I took the obligatory tree pic and sent it over to @OBNurseNH, because she needed it.

Afterwards, we met at the train station and rode the train up to Rafiki’s Planet Watch. I’m sooooo glad we did that, but that is a very rough ride that I am sure that DH won’t ever be able to ride, especially facing the side rather than forward. This will be a must do next time. I’d never been before.

We did the Animation Experience. This one is mine.

This one is Aneira. She was so stoked when they announced that they would be doing Scar, because that is her favorite Disney villain.

I had to take a picture of this at the Animation Experience. It was too cute to pass up.

At the time, the Affection Section was not open for petting, but I was happy to see that they had the animals out walking around. While I was there talking with a CM, they announced over the radio that a white rhino was born overnight. The CM was really excited about that. Aneira and I went in and looked at the various places where they work in the vet center, but no one was in there. Probably because it was lunch. It was still pretty neat after watching the AK documentary!

I found out that Popcorn the chicken passed away due to female complications. I was sad to find that out, because I really wanted to see her. :frowning:

Afterwards, Aneira was not feeling well and needed to eat something. I was going to stop at Tamu Tamu to get my obligatory rum and dole whip, but since there was nothing to eat there other than dole whip, I passed and ordered from Flame Tree. She went to rest in the A/C at the relaxation area. About that time, Gregg showed up. I got the food and took it to her, which was a lot of walking. I never did get my dole whip and rum. :frowning: I apparently forgot to take a picture of the food. It was delicious, as always.

Another obligatory picture of the tree, as a pathetic attempt at a selfie.

Then we headed toward the Sacred Place. We had to wait to get in, so Aneira went up to ride FOP, while we waited then got into the Sacred Place. Best choice ever. Gregg had yucca fries and the lobster mac and cheese. I had a specially made drink, but she didn’t quite understand what I was asking, so it wasn’t exacting what I ordered. It was good enough. I also had the charcuterie plate.

We were waiting for Aneira to come back, but it wasn’t happening. I tried using Find My iPhone to see where she was, and she was very close, LOL! Then I realized that she left her book bag with me, and her phone was in the side pocket. Anyway, we talked to the person out front and explained how Aneira was special needs, and that she left her phone with us. She also couldn’t remember where we were, or our phone number. So, I waited by Tiffins while Gregg went up to Pandora to see if she was up there. She was with a security guard crying. Poor thing. We always made sure she took her phone with her after that. They came back down and she wouldn’t leave our sides for a while.

Then we went up to Pandora and I rode NRJ while Gregg and Aneira were supposed to be ordering from Satu’li Canteen. However, he didn’t know how to mobile order. :woman_facepalming: So they were waiting outside when I got there, sans food. I mobile ordered while Gregg went to Pongu Pongu to get the pineapple cream cheese rolls. Then sat inside enjoying the A/C. I bought two Blueberry Cream Cheese Mousse, and a coke for Aneira in the Na’vi Flute cup. I apparently forgot to take a picture.

I love the NRJ so much! I wanted to ride it with Gregg and Aneira, but Gregg couldn’t handle it, and Aneira had already ridden it when she was in Pandora before she couldn’t find us, and didn’t want to ride again.

Some time in there, Aneira and I rode KRR. I think it was before we went to the sacred place. I was hoping to get drenched, but we only got sort of wet.

After Pandora, Gregg went back to the resort and we did some fun things around Disney that involved a bus to MK and monorail to various resorts to collect goodies like the fall cupcake at GF, and I finally got my dole whip. There was definitely a lack of dole whips this trip. It was the only one I had. :frowning: At the end of the night, we took the bus to DS to catch our bus to Pop.

The next day was HS day.


Great photos. You both did fabulous with your Scar drawings!!

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Always appreciate a Tree pic, and a virtual visit to the Sacred Spaces. Thank you for both. You’re right - I needed it then, and I need it now too :blush:


My pleasure. I’d do it again, but no Disney trip in the works for quite a while. You’ll be back before I am.

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Hoping so. I know June is an eternity away in Covid times but work has forbidden leisure travel now, with disciplinary action to those who disregard it. I’m preparing myself to let my family go without me if this is still in place by then. Hopefully the vaccine will help.

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