Everything, except Via

This morning I had a nerve-wracking attempt to obtain my Dining reservations. This is really the first time I’ve had to do so with any pressure since before any reservations I had were just singletons.

Anyhow, I was able to successful garner everything EXCEPT Via Napoli. I mean, I knew going in that one would be tricky. But there was NOTHING available during our trip. At all. Not even in the middle of the afternoon. Must book up the moment the 60+length of stay windows open for folks. In our case, our Epcot days are 60+2 and 60+5. (We also will be there 60+8, but I actually can’t book that day, since it is a separate hotel reservation and so Disney won’t let me book that day right now.)

I did create a Reservation Finder request…but I have my doubts, seeing how booked it already was.

In the meantime, I have reservations for:

  • Raglan Rd. (dinner)
  • Olivia’s (dinner)
  • Yak and Yeti (lunch)
  • Whispering Canyon (dinner)
  • San Angel Inn (dinner)
  • The Plaza (lunch)

Part of what made it nerve-wracking was that the Disney site would go wonky several times during the process…and then TWICE I accidentally booked reservations at the right place at the right time, but in October instead of December! Whoops!


Via may not be loaded yet either. Try again tomorrow and see.


Interesting. I’ll keep tabs to see what happens. I do see random availability prior to Dec 1 on a few days, so maybe they didn’t open up December yet.

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Also try playing with party size to see if that opens anything up. We had to do that with Sci Fi.

There are only 2 of us. I wouldn’t think that would make a difference. Or are you saying they may have tables for 4, and don’t allow parties of 2 to book?

Yes. The system is wonky. For our party of 3, there was no availability at sci-fi, but there was if we booked party of four. It’s never a problem if less people show up.

Nice choices. I’m sure you’ll get VN.

I have never known Via to be particularly difficult to book at all. Whether booking for my clients or myself it has always been a low priority on the morning of booking and I have always been successful even with larger parties.

I agree, therefore, that it may not be loaded in yet.

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Nice! I had my nerve racking attempt this morning too. The only thing I couldn’t get was Liberty Tree for dinner. They had some early dinner slots, but I wanted to get in right as MK closes. I’ll try reservation finder too, but if we don’t get, I think we’ll try Geyser Point after park closes.

Now that I’ve made my reservations, I’m having anxiety about eating indoors (we still have not done this yet at home). I’ll work to get over it, but wonder if I get to a place and it’s too packed for my comfort level, if they would let me leave with no penalty?

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Yep. Via Napoli is one of the places where I’ve managed to snag even day-of reservations before so keep checking!

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The one and only time I’ve been to VN — and the only time I will ever go — was when I got a reservation day-of. It was my first trip to Epcot and I was hungry. I looked at MDE to see what was available. It had the soonest ADR so I took it. They seated me as soon as I arrived after walking directly there.

I then had the worst and most expensive pizza I’ve ever had in my life.

It boggles my mind that people go there. Disney table service dining is hugely expensive. Such a premium should only be paid for really high quality food — which arguably pizza can never be — or some kind of unique dining experience, which VN certainly is not.

Unless you live somewhere that cannot compete in pizza quality to VN, why travel all that way and spend all that money for pizza? Bizarre.

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We’ve never been, and reviewers always rate Via Napoli highly, which is why we’re planning to go. It will be our one time getting pizza during the trip. Perhaps we’ll regret it in the end? We shall see! :slight_smile:

It’s pizza. How good could it be? For like $50 a pie. Bring your own dough and cook your own pizza by burning dollar bills.


Well, that kind of sums up everything food-wise at Disney. :slight_smile:

Actually, really (really!) good pizza would be Giordano’s. We had it in Chicago, and again in Orlando. But they don’t have it on property.


Yeah Via Napoli is releasing their reservations closer to the date. Kinda weird.

Also? For Yak & Yeti, just know they still seat Landry’s Select cardholders before reservations. I thought that might change with the pandemic, but was pleased to find out it hadn’t.

Their food was as delicious as ever (Yak & Yeti…not a fan of Via Napoli…it’s a one and done for me)

Giordanos is SO good.

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Isn’t that a really strong argument for not going to VN?

There are dozens of table service restaurants at WDW. Pick another one.

No. We eat pizza every week, like clockwork, from Little Caesar’s. :slight_smile: And we are quite happy with it.

We did. Actually, we picked 6!

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Then stay home.

Your logic…isn’t logical! :slight_smile: