Event review D18



Yeah, yeah — you want pictures. There are more on the other thread.


Did the rain stay away for you?

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Despite the day beginning with tornado warnings (seriously) and torrential rain, by night-time there was virtually no rain at all. The weather was even lovely — deliciously cool, with a pleasant breeze.


We did the MVMCP one and for us, it was the same - one and done. I think I’ve been a bit spoiled by DAH and EMM which had considerably less people and we got more done of what we wanted - the rides. They are just less stressful for me.

This makes me wonder. Again, comparing to our experience with the MNSSHP…as the party start was nearing, more and more people poured in. We finished out our last ride before the official start time. At this point we left, because we couldn’t actually do anything. (Anyone who didn’t have a party ticket couldn’t ride rides or enter any of the eateries or shops.) But it never occurred to me (not that it would have) that we might stick around just for the ambiance for a while. Did you notice any cast members calling out folks to leave? I’m just wondering, when making my Dec. 2020 plans, if on a MVMCP day, we are there for the start and hang around long enough to see the decorations, etc. (We wouldn’t stay long enough for the parade or fireworks.) Is there a point in doing so? I mean, do the lights on Main Street differ for MVMCP?

No, but to be fair I spent the first two hours of the party in BOG. But I still think you could skulk around and at least see the Castle. I don’t know if the Main Street lights were different. Probably not. I mean, they’re different from the rest of the year, but probably the same as during the rest of the day.

I haven’t spoken about character meet and greets. Because I don’t do them. And, even if I did, from what I hear the lines are insanely long. I know people love the Seven Dwarfs — well, here they are. OK, I’m not in the picture, but then these ones are moving around and dancing.

Oh, I forgot to mention. Many of the parade cast members make an effort to engage with the people in the primo viewing area: the come right up to you, or wave at you, etc.


One of those seven dwarfs is looking a little Grumpy!


So happy to hear that, as I know you were really stressed about spending all that money and being stuck in the rain.

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Thanks for the review. We had considered Aneira and I going to the last one tonight, which incidentally costs more, but decided against it since we’ve already spent so much money already. Some parts sound good! Others, not so much.

I think it’s worth being in MK some time before the party starts and seeing how far you get before you’re hauled away by security. You have to at least try to see the Castle lit up, even if you don’t stay for the fireworks and parade.


Don’t be so Dopey.


Sorry. I’m seeing a Doc for that.


LOL! I can’t do that today, no parks planned. Maybe next year. I’ve always wanted to be escorted out of Disney by security. :wink:


I’m Happy to hear that.


This post is just lovely! Thank you for updating us on how things are going. Looking forward to reading about your day today. I was laughing out loud at your post last night and DH asked me what I was reading. I looked over and said, “Oh, my friend Matthew is in Disney World and having the best time…” See Matthew, you bring joy and happiness to so many people on this forum and no doubt back home as well. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.


I could go on. We still have 3 to go. I even found myself coming up with a clever response incorporating two more. But, you know, I decided I’m not like that. I’m not the type who feels the urge to finish out an on-going joke to completion. To do so would show a sign of, well, weakness or something. But I’m too smart for that. Some might even say I’m a little too Brainy to resort to such behavior.

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It’s not like you to be Bashful.


Right back achoo!

(Sorry. I’m a little Sneezy.)

ETA: The previous one was a trick. Brainy isn’t a dwarf, but a Smurf. :wink: