Evaluate my Touring Plans please - 5 days worth

I’d love some feedback on my plans. This is my first time planning for WDW. My FP window opens next week so some of the things I have down might have to be moved based on what FP’s I get, but I wanted to have my plans done in order to figure out what FP’s I should try to get.

We’ll be traveling with DD (6)

Here’s my plans:
Day 1 - MK
Day 2 - Epcot
Day 3 - HS - we are making this a late arrival day on purpose. The prior 2 days are pretty full, so we wanted a sleep in, have some pool time, relax day. And HS doesn’t have as much that we want to see there.
Day 4 - AK with EMH’s
Day 5 - MK with EMH’s

I’d love any feedback offered, even if it’s only on one of our days. This has been a very overwhelming planning process! I don’t expect to stick to any plan minute to minute, or even step by step, but I want a general outline, for FP reason, and so that we can make sure we’re hitting our must do’s. Thanks!

for a 1st time traveler I think your plans look great!
on your 1st MK day, you have a big chunk of time b/w dinner at Cosmic Ray’s and Wishes. You could put the MSEP in there. You also could do monster’s laugh floor after dinner, before the parade, since that won’t have much wait and then you could take it off of your day 5 at MK since you had it in the morning that day. I bet you will be able to get Winnie the pooh or Barnstormer as 4th or even 5th fpp on your 1st MK day. I wouldn’t fpp dumbo as an add-on b/c there is a large play area in the queu that your DD might like to play in.
For your EP day, it seems like you will be looking to meet characters in WS. You may want to check Kenny the pirate’s website b/c he lists all the exact times that the characters are out at certain places in WS.

Super smart, to have one sleep in day.
have fun!

OK, here goes a quick-and-dirty analysis:

Day 1 - MK: You have a lot of “Free Time” (5 hours), which means that you do not have enough activities to fill up the day. Either add more attractions or shorten the time you are at the park

Day 2 - EP: There is a large block of “Free Time” (almost 3 hours) after step 19 - are you planning to use the as a Break? If not, you need to do the same as per Day 1 to use up that time.

Day 3 - HS: Looks good, as the “Free Time” block after step 8 will be used for standing in line for Fantasmic.

Day 4 - AK: Nice plan! The 18 min of “Free Time” after the Boneyard will be most likely used up trying to get your DD out of the Boneyard :wink:

Day 5 - MK: You don’t have as much “Free Time” here, but there still is scope for adding some more attractions to fill it up. Also, what time is your ADR for 1900 Park? You want to make sure that you have enough time to get there, so the Break that you have entered for it needs to start an appropriate amount of time in advance.

Thanks mjsmomma, I like the MSEP suggestion, hadn’t thought of that! And I didn’t know about the play area for the pooh ride. I’ll check the characters schedules at Kenny the pirate, not all of the M&G times are posted on the WDW website.

Brklinck thanks as well. Day 1 at MK I actually left open time in there on purpose for us to do whatever we wanted. Is that a bad idea? Same with day 2 epcot, I figured the extra time might be spent in WS? Although I do see I need to move SE to a later time to reflect that. My ADR at 1900 is at 5:30, so I was allowing 45 minutes travel time, assuming we’d take the monorail from MK, is that enough time?

Well, if you have some idea a to what additional things you want to do in that open time then you are better off putting them in the plan so that it can determine the best time to do them. The problem with planning on doing things during these gaps is that someone (usually short, loud, and logic challenged) will insist on doing something that will take much longer than the available time. :smile:

Yes, that should be good. For “leaving the park” breaks the Optimizer attempts to get you to the Main Entrance within about 10 minutes of the designated break time, and you should be able to get to 1900 Park from there in 45 min.

Also, a good trick for First Timers is to set the Walking Speed to Relaxed or Very Relaxed - this gives you a little more time to soak in magic between attractions and navigate in an unfamiliar environment.

That makes completely good sense brklinck, thanks for the advice :smile: I’ve already added a couple of things to my day 1 MK (MSEP, moved Buzz ride) and my gaps in time are getting to be less and less, so that’s helpful.

I couldn’t figure out in TP how to add 1900 as an actual listed restaurant, as when I try to add it to my MK plan, and I select the drop down of restaurants, 1900 isn’t listed because it isn’t at MK, so I was kind of guessing on time here. I don’t know if you have any tips on how to actually add it without my typing it in as a ‘break’?

the play area is inside the dumbo queue, not pooh. even though I think pooh has some degree of interactive queue at as well

Thanks for the correction, I would have missed that!

You did the exact right thing to enter a non-park restaurant i your plan - make it a break, with the break start time an appropriate amount of time ahead of the ADR to allow for travelling from the Main Entrance to the restaurant.