Ethical to switch TA? Or get a quote? (Maybe?)

I’m planning a trip in December - so about 6 months out. I went with a travel agency recommended by a website I trust, and while I have no real qualms or issues with this agent or company I’m also not really netting any discounts or savings (everything is rack rate so far - I’ve been told they will monitor for possible discounts, but uhhh, nothing yet). I’ve run across magical vacations travel a few times and I’m interested in looking into their discounts (especially since someone just asked about them for a similar time), but is it considered cheating/bad form to leave one agent and go to a new one? Can I ask for a quote from MVT if I already have a trip going with another company? (If these seem like stupid questions please forgive me - it’s because I’ve never worked with a travel agent in my life so I’m not really sure on the etiquette here!)

Things to consider:

I already knew what dates I wanted, as well as where I wanted to stay (Port Orleans Riverside) and what tickets to get (7 day park hoppers) before I ever contacted anyone. All my agent did was book them, so there wasn’t really any work done on her behalf regarding this. I also reserved my own dining (and knew what I wanted) without her assistance.

my agent, while quick to answer questions like “should I plan to stay the entire time when MVMCP is going on?” hasn’t really offered me much (she might think I’m a control freak - AND SHE’D BE RIGHT ;)) - but still, I kinda feel like she doesn’t do a whole bunch (though maybe it’s too early since I am 6 months out?)

I received this touring plans subscription for free by using them (but of course I’d be happy to reimburse them for the cost should I leave)

I’ve already put a down payment on my vacation with them (but I assume that could be refunded)

when I booked, I booked right. before (literally, the day before) ticket prices went up. so I currently have the old ticket prices with park hopping (about 7 days or so). I’m wondering if that would negate any savings I might get with a room discount?

I appreciate any advice or thoughts on this!

If you don’t feel your TA is working for you, then by all means switch to get the better deal, perhaps even explain your reasoning. Just remember, they are providing you a service, if you feel like the service isn’t up to snuff, it is completely within your right to take your money elsewhere.

I am sure your TA will apply the discount when it comes out. MVT does have an early December discount, and if it is for your dates- no other agency will be able to beat that price. Why don’t you request the quote ? Maybe MVT will not have what you want.

I was in a similar situation as you earlier this year when it came to planning my September trip. At the time, I was working with a travel agency that I had used for other vacations but never for Disney travel. Much like you I always got the sense that my expectations for what they should be doing and what they were actually doing never matched up. So based off everyone’s glowing recommendations on this site about MVT, I reached out and was able to get a package for a week later at the same hotel for $2,000 less than what the previous agency had been able to secure for me. Even though I did feel bad about cancelling with the other agency at the end of the day if you can find someone who can provide you with better service (which btw I’m working with Kristin from MVT and she is awesome) and get you a better deal than you have to do what’s best for you and your family.

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Hmm…thanks for the input guys. I went ahead and asked for a quote from MVT. If it isn’t much different from my current agent I’ll probably just stay; otherwise I’ll likely make the switch (I like my agent just fine! Just not $2000 worth, lol).

I’m a Travel Agent myself and this is a tough one. Nobody likes to loose a client, but if all I did was push the button on the booking window, then it’s really a case of “easy come, easy go”. If you had said that you came to the agent with no preferences, and she spent hours helping you narrow down the best dates, best resort, helped with ADR’s and booking FastPasses, and then you left… I know I’d be pretty ticked. It’s never happened to me with Disney, but has happened with all-inclusive resorts. I’ve spent weeks with clients helping them find the perfect resort, only to have them take that information and book with an online TA because it saved them $50.

So I’d say go ahead and get the quote from MVT and if it’s better, give it to your current agent to try and match. If she can’t then at least you gave her the opportunity.

As far as tickets, the price of the new package should reflect the increased price in tickets. Whether that’s enough to offset the total package price? Guess there’s only one way to find out.:slight_smile:


Sounds like you are talking about my experience. I booked with POR, 7 days tickets, all rack rate. No discounts whatsoever.

@paradisefound I really appreciate you coming in with a TA POV because that was my line of thinking, too: I would probably just bite the cost bullet and stay if she’d done a ton of research, helped me with the planning and dug up tons of info and etc etc for me (it seems very tacky to leave after someone does all that work for you) - but I had all the big things picked out before I contacted her: I chose my dates, knew which park options I wanted (and didn’t), knew where I wanted to stay, did my own research on dining and all extra activities and booked those things on my own at 3am at the 180 mark (my fastpasses aren’t available yet, but I would likely do those myself as well).

As far as I can tell, the only thing she did was the actual booking of the room and tickets on the disney site (which I don’t think takes much time?). She did answer some questions I had (like can you tip CMs with gift cards, can you pay with gift cards…come to think of it, a lot of my questions were gift card-centric!) via e-mail, but that’s about it.

I was thinking I’d email her and see if she could match it or come close at least! But who knows, maybe MVT won’t be any cheaper and this will all be a moot point anyhow :slight_smile:

Interesting! I’m glad it’s not just me being a big dummy ;). Are you going during the first half of December as well? I think we miss out on free dining because of Pop Warner Super Bowl (boo sports)

I am going in September, was hoping for free dining but did not get it. I am actually thinking about cancelling and going at a later time.

Just another perspective…

although you think you’re giving her a chance to match the price, most likely she won’t be able to match it. MVT books their packages at group/convention rates to get those prices. Not all agencies can do that. It’s a huge liability because the agency and/or agents pay for those rooms up front. And if they don’t get sold, they are out the money. So it’s a huge risk to take. That’s why MVT seems to have cornered the market there. Most agents and agencies just can’t afford it.

And if an agent offers any kind of deal, match, etc, it’s probably coming out of his/her own commission/income. And agents don’t get paid until after you travel.

If it’s a fabulous deal, then the agent will understand. But also understand that even if they’ve “only done some quotes and answered a few questions” that is time that they now won’t be paid for (unless they charged a fee for it but that’s not often).

This is just to give you a bit more information. You need to and should find the best deal that works with your budget. There’s nothing unethical about that.

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Thanks for your input, I do appreciate it! My concern was she might feel like I cheated her somehow since she’s answered some questions (not a ton, I don’t field her every day or anything like that! I’d say…less than 50 in a worst case scenario and more realistically, probably around 25), but at the same time I’ve done 80% of the work, easily, AND it makes no sense to stay with someone if there’s a large discount involved (if there is). I am happy to buy the TP subscription off her, I don’t want to steal or anything like that. I’ve just never worked with a TA before so I was curious what other TAs might think of this situation (surely I’m not the first to find myself in this weird situation).

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I won’t sugar coat it. It’s a lost commission. So it’s gonna hurt.

I would recommend passing along her info to your friends and family that ask for referrals.

MVT doesn’t have discounts all the time. So perhaps a nod in her direction would help down the line.

Why no discounts?

I had originally booked in Feb. for Sept. thinking I would get free dining when it became available, did not get it
and was told would keep looking for discounts but nothing available.

There is a room only available? Also- did you check MVT?

I asked about a room only, I went through Small World. Is it better to go through travel agent or straight Disney?

As you can see through the link there is an offer available. Did you want a resort not offered and not want to move?

I wanted POR but offered to move.

I am tagging @DarthDopey here! She is one of the best TAs I know and I think you need a professional to weigh in here!

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