Ethical to switch TA? Or get a quote? (Maybe?)

Promotions are often misunderstood.

Many people think that the discounts can just be automatically applied to their current reservations. That’s not the case. Technically, it’s a switch-over from your current reservation to a room under the promotion.

Disney pools together the rooms they need to sell for the promotions. For each resort, there could only be maybe 10 rooms available and then those are broken out into the length of stay. That’s why for some promotions, you’ll find a room at your resort for a 7-day stay, but not a 5-day stay. And really, not even the Disney booking CMs know the configurations and quantities. And this year, the pickings were even slimmer. There is never a guarantee that you’ll get a room on the promotion.

It’s super frustrating to all agents (Disney and other Travel Agents) when we log on and we can’t find anything that fits our clients’ requests or even just their basic requirements.

@Athomas0921 Although I may be a little biased, I think it’s better to go through a Travel Agent, particularly one that is well-versed with Disney. You’ll have a second pair of eyes and hands helping you with your reservation. And often there’s no extra cost to you. You can still keep a look out and your TA is looking out, so there could be a better chance of finding something as availability changes every day.

Also, it’s a good idea to communicate your expectations with your TA. Let them know how involved (or uninvolved) you want to be. Many times, I’ve worked with Liners who just want a little extra help, but still do lots of the stuff themselves. And that’s what they want. There have been others that want to just let go a little bit more. Communication is key. If you’re unhappy with how things are going with your TA, I do suggest you give them a call or email them and talk it over so that expectations are clear.

and thanks @PrincipalTinker for the shout out and the compliment. Much appreciated!! :heart:

Hope that helps. Good luck!


As always, thanks for the detailed response ! Although discounts are not automatically applied - if the window is open and you are willing to change resorts- in September…shouldn’t a TA be able to find something? Paying rack rate seems - well- just not right!

If the window is open and the new room matches the client’s basic requirements and is available, then yes, it could be possible. However…

Free Dining always seems to be the Holy Grail of Disney promotions. But it seemed that this year, there was NOTHING available in the “lower” level rooms (standard, etc). I found options at the “preferred” or even club level. So several times, even with the Free Dining, a client would still be paying more and going outside their budget, even with the promotion. So it can be deceiving. Sometimes rack rate IS the better deal and a good TA can spot this for you.

You might find a room only discount, but then when you add tickets, it becomes a package. And the room may not be available under the package. And it goes in circles. TA’s often run as many angles as possible and then give you the best options they’ve found, cutting down on the work you have to do as the client.

@DarthDopey, @Athomas0921 said he was looking for RO and was willing to change resorts?

I can’t speak for his current TA. It’s not the agency with which I’m affiliated. Earlier @Athomas0921 said he was looking for Free Dining - which only comes with a package, not a room only. That’s why I suggested they chat with the TA and make sure it was clear that they wanted a discount, regardless of the discount and resort.

(ETA: as far as availability, I know it seems wrong that nothing could be found, but this year, the availability was seriously limited. Worse than I’ve seen in years past. It’s good for Disney… they are filling the rooms, but not so much for guests. Even finding AP rates has been difficult.)

There are times when it’s just a matter of timing. The Room Only discount may not have been available when the TA was looking. Perhaps it got dropped by another guest and is back in the rotation. It could be gone today.

There are times where a client thought they were willing to change resorts, but when it was Pirate Rooms at CBR, they said no. (and I don’t blame them, those rooms are sooooo far away! but I digress). I don’t know if @Athomas0921 had a conversation like that. The Small World TA could have presented options that were declined.

I do recommend that @Athomas0921 contact Small World and try to chat with the TA. If there’s been a drop of communication, then a decision can be made.

(I do request that one situation with a TA not be the bar that all TA’s are held against. :blush: )

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[quote=“DarthDopey, post:21, topic:25170”]
Many people think that the discounts can just be automatically applied to their current reservations. That’s not the case. Technically, it’s a switch-over from your current reservation to a room under the promotion.[/quote]

I’ve been wondering about this exact thing. Out of curiosity, how does this work? Does the TA (or yourself, if you have no TA) have to call Disney up, say “here’s my reservation, please cancel it and re-book it right now as the exact same thing with the new promotion”? Would you get a new reservation number and everything then? What about dining reservations or fastpasses you’ve linked to that first reservation? How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? (so many questions! and it will only get worse as I get closer to the actual departure date :))

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The reservation number stays the same, but yes, essentially, you’re giving up the original reservation and making a new one.
You would keep all your dining reservations and fastpasses.

And a woodchuck can chuck 2 cords in an hour.


I had requested a preferred room. I was also given the impression that since I had booked, when free dining became available, I would be switched over to that.
I was also open to changing resorts.

I also did ask for any possible discounts or promotions.

It’s unfortunate that you got the impression that it would be automatic. I feel bad when that happens.

I hope you can still find something that works for you. :slight_smile:

I actually think I am going to cancel and do it again for 2017

Good luck!

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I have never had a TA, but I booked our trip for October a long time ago - to be 100 % sure we would get the hotel we wanted - and then waited for Free Dining. When the promotion dropped, I made a Free Dining promotion reservation online for the same dates, and kept my former reservation until I had received the e-mail from Disney confirming my Free Dining package. I then canceled my former reservation. The 200 dollar deposit for my former reservation was credited to my credit card the same day as the 200 dollar deposit for my new reservation was debited. It all went really smoothly (and the Disney site did not even crash that morning, as I was worried it would :smile:)

I learnt this procedure here on the forum by asking Liners if it would be possible to have two different reservations for Disney hotels on my MDE for the same three people at the same time. Liners said it would be possible to do it - and they were right! I love this forum :blush:

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Well, MVT came in about $500 lower than my other TA. I’m hoping they might try to match or at least come close but I have no idea how. That’s a pretty shiny penny though so hopefully she won’t begrudge me packing up if I have to.


As you said $500 is a good chunk of change. I think as long as you are upfront with your TA, they should (hopefully) understand.

Alright, so I just got a response (my TA has been on vacation, hence the delay); she can’t match the price. I’m going to have to cancel with her, but before I do is there anything I need to do to keep my dining reservations/etc.? (I made them myself, but I’m not sure if they’ll disappear when she cancels the booking.) I have a MDE account (currently linked with my first reservation); is it just as easy as dropping the first reservation/first confirmation then linking the second reservation/second confirmation? (It seems something involving Disney couldn’t be that easy but I like to live in hope/denial.)

Your dining reservations are not linked to the hotel reservation. They will not cancel when you cancel the hotel. Yes, it is that easy. I usually link up the second reservation and then cancel the first. Your TA will have to cancel the first for you…not sure how fast that will be taken care of.