Ethical eating at WDW

One of the tremendous benefits of Brexit is that we are now able to burn our animal welfare standards in a race to the bottom. This was known as Project Fear by Brexiteers, who said it would never happen.

Having just seen the details of our new trade agreement with Australia, which has repulsive welfare practices and whose meats will inexplicably be shipped literally halfway round the world and hidden in packaged meals, I’m trying to educate myself in the concept of ethical eating.

I’m not (yet) proposing to become a vegetarian. There are ways of eating meat that minimise cruelty. I think.

But what about in the US. There was much talk of your chlorinated chicken during the Brexit debates.

My experience is that American meat — especially beef — is far superior to British meat* and it’s one of the things I really enjoy about my trips.

But how ethical is it? I guess this is something Disney cares about.

*Except bacon, obviously. Your bacon shames your nation.


I’ll have to ask my DS again, but he said the food quality in Turkey was much better than the US and he misses it.

Hmm. I just always notice that American meat seems better that British meat. More flavourful, better consistency. Maybe it’s all the chlorine.


I spent my childhood in Dublin and moved back to America as a teenager- I can confirm beef in America tastes better. Milk & dairy was much better in IRL.
You can start your journey by trying to be a conscious consumer; purchase meat that is raised on a local farm from a farmers market (Whole Foods also has great sourcing detail on their meat), same with eggs, etc.
Dairy free options have improved so much in the past 10 years. Most options are also more environmentally sustainable than dairy. Cutting out dairy has had so many positive health benefits personally, I do cheat in moderation, mostly when there’s a charcuterie board involved.
As for WDW, the TS menus are all accommodating to vegan/vegetarians, which is super helpful.
My advice is to start by eliminating meat from every meal, and instead focus on being intentional when you do. Good luck!


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Just been lurking a while… had to comment because I’ve been on my own journey of learning how to rewire my brain that I don’t have to have meat with every meal. Trying to balance animal welfare, the environment and respecting my body.
Brexit has been a wild ride to watch from afar!


It’s going to depend on the cut of meat and it’s grade. Whenever possible, go Wagu or Kobe because you know for sure those animals are very well cared for. There is a sustainability group w/in the US for beef. It’s super interesting. That being said, I’ve now purchased two cows (already butchered) direct from the farmer and it’s the best beef we’ve ever had and I know the cow had a better life.

I think Disney uses mostly USDA Choice, with the signature steakhouses using Prime or higher.


Yes. It’s the answer to the question: What would happen if a country shot itself in the face whilst simultaneously hacking its own legs off?


My answer may not be approved for this forum :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


Well-fed does not necessarily imply well-looked after. (See: foie gras. Which is delicious and, I suspect, a one-way ticket to hell.)

I want happy cows and chickens.

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I don’t think chickens can be happy. They’re crazy.


Oh, I know some very happy, albeit crazy, chickens.


The wagu I had at V&A was inedibly awful. But I had something billed as wagu at Tiffins, which seemed like a completely different thing, and was spectacular. Best meal I’ve had at WDW.

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Or maybe it’s all the salt, butter, and fat.


McDonald’s and Pizza Hut in the UK have taken all that good stuff out of their food and it is now as dry and tasteless as cardboard.

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Not cool. It takes a lot to eff up that type of meat. It requires the chef to let go of their ego and let it sing on it’s own. I suck at cooking - luckily I’m married to a trained chef. Going out to eat with him is sometimes a challenge. :rofl:


My daughter keeps asking for us to raise our own chickens. I try explaining to her that we have a bird hunting dog. Chickens don’t stand a chance!



Did they eff it up, or is my palate just not as sophisticated as I thought?

I paid a hefty upcharge for it on an already expensive meal. I got four slices and ate about one and a half. Honestly, it was awful.

Considering you had two completely different experiences between V&A and Tiffins, I would wage a bet that V&A effed it up