Epcot "extras"

Here’s my list of epcot extras i have collected. As before please keep in mind these are not things i have done yet but plan to do on our upcoming trip. Thanks everyone for all the tips/extras. Special thanks to mousetrippers website it was very helpful and lot of these came from the website.Hopefully this helps others have a magical trip as well.

  • do not rush off spaceship earth. Project tomorrow is fun and you can send funny postcards home with ride photos.

  • behind spaceship earth you’ll see fountain of nations (filled with water from all over the world) at night there is a light show roughly every 15 minutes. Also usually a photographer here to take photos.

  • behind character spot you can sometimes see less known characters

  • at seas pavilion a little ways from the seas with nemo and friends is a small garden with nemo. Great photo op

  • once you finish nemo and friends ride there are photo ops (like bruce’s mouth)

  • there is a dolphin show but you’ll need to ask guest services or a cast member for times because it is not published

  • best seat for soarin’ is b1

  • take time after figment ride. Image works area is cool (tinkering experiments)

  • photo booth at figment uses memory maker

  • directly in front of image works look for chasing water and upside down waterfall

  • facing fountain of nations with mousegears to left there is a water fountain. Bend down to take a drink and listen

  • take your time and explore world showcase. Take it all in

  • free duffy bear masks at kidcot stops.

  • you can take air condition boat ride from Canada to Morocco and Mexico to Germany. Not a great time saver though.

  • Norway has a beautiful stave church. Go inside and find mini Norwegian museum. Very few people go inside. Doors are always closed but you can venture inside.

  • at night some of the pavement in future world has fiber optic lighting package. Area between spaceship earth and innoventions plaza pavement has little lights that sparkle

  • by innoventions west there’s a longer section of pavement that is completely lit up with designs that “move” and change color

  • check out splash pad area especially for little ones. Bring extra clothes

  • brown doors/characterpalooza

That’s all i have collected. Hope you find it helpful. Please feel free to add if you have some extras.


Awesome list, do you have the other parks well?

This is so cool, thank you for sharing!!

Yes i made an extras list for animal kingdom and hollywood studios. I am starting to work on my family’s magic kingdom plan and notes. I put the extras at the end of my notes so the plan is to post it when i get to it. Our trip starts in 21 days so it will definitely be up before then. I do work full time and we have a one year old i chase around so it takes me a little bit of time. Magic kingdom is our favorite park so i will be spending lots of time on our plan and notes but once i get my list of extras i will post it here on the forum as well. Hope you find them helpful. Please keep in mind i can not verify these tips/extras as we have not tried them yet.


Thankyou for all your work here. This is great- you’re a star!

This is great. Thanks.

Where is the splash pad area?

We didn’t visit it last trip but plan to this time because we now have a little guy so I’m not positive on where it is but i believe it is near test track.

Thank you for taking all the time it would take to create such a list! Not sure how many of these we’ll end up doing but I’m printing it out to reference while we are there!

I noticed people have added a few more over on chat.