Animal kingdom "extras"

Here are the animal kingdom “extras”. Again i have not done these myself but do intend to on our upcoming trip. Thanks everyone for all of them.

  • check out divine in front of the park as you enter right side of the trail. She is easily missed.

  • take your photo on as many “parked” transportation things as you can find (motorcycle, delivery trucks, scooters, etc)

  • find as many animals on the tree of life as possible

  • at boneyard jumping on dino prints gives off a “roar”

  • at boneyard musical dino ribcage behind jeep.

  • photo booth in dinoland usa next to primeval whril (uses memory maker)

  • sit in air stream camper at restaurantosaurous

  • at russel and dug meet and greet there is a machine that translates “barks”

  • play drums in africa

  • stick head in fountain near kilimanjaro safaris lockers / yak and yeti several times

  • dole whip with rum at tamu tamu

  • beer cheaper at yak and yeti quick service than the bar at expedition everest and you don’t have to tip.

  • be ready to volunteer at flight of wonder and have camera ready. Also bring $1 to show.

  • birds are not my thing so we are skipping this but wanted to add it for others.
  • watch bird show at second rope drop.
  • again not for our family.

Hope this helps others.
Feel free to add more


Thanks! Bookmarking this thread !

Thank You for posting these extras as well as the Hollywood Studios extras. This is such a great idea! I’m looking forward to the others and I will add to them what I find.

Thank you for these!! We will definitely be referring to this list! We did see De Vine when we were there is 2014. Just amazing!

Not sure if you can still do this but I’ve heard if you get your photo with each of the Lion Guard animal statues around the park and show Rafiki at his Planet watch there is a ceremony making you an honorary member of the Lion Guard. Hoping to verify this when we’re there in October!

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Definitely interested in it. Please let me know if it works.

I thought the WDW Today podcast had indicated the Lion Guard stuff had disappeared already. Hopefully I’m mistaken, but I wouldn’t plan on it as a definite unfortunately…

Oh no! I must have missed that :frowning: what a shame ! Thanks for letting me know. Have fun in your trip!

Did you ever finish the list of extras that you were getting for the other parks? I would be very interested in them if you would like to share. Thank you in advance!

There are lists posted for every park! Here is Epcot: Epcot "extras"

HS: Hollywood studios little "extras"

MK: Magic kingdom extras


Thanks for posting! I just copy & pasted in a word document and it will give me something to do on the train ride there!

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