Epcot, and me- awesome since 1982. Now with MVMCP recap

We did our big post Covid trip early in 2022, the one my Disney tolerating husband was completely on board with. We had a great time, came home and my husband joked with our kids about how we didn’t need to go back now for 10 years.

Then I started thinking about what I wanted to do for my 40th birthday in December. Around that time, my husband mentioned our favorite trip to Florida being the year we went around Thanksgiving (not a Disney trip that year, but to see my parents who are snow birds). We talked about maybe going down to spend Thanksgiving with them this year. From there my brain started spinning… Hey look! I found cheaper flights into Orlando than Tampa. Look there’s a Christmas party and I’ve always wanted to do the Christmas party… And before I knew it my husband was saying if that’s what I really wanted to do for my 40th then he was on board with two Disney trips in one year!

Of course this has evolved over time. I added another night for a resort day, but then we decided we needed to do Hollywood Studios that day. Flight schedules changed giving us an evening at Disney Springs to do the tree trail and try to eat all-the-things. I kept myself in check mostly but we’re packing in all my top Christmas things to this short trip!

Arrive at MCO 11/20
Check in Wyndham Disney Springs- Christmas tree trail and aforementioned eating all-the-things

11/21 Hollywood Studios
Stacking LL for afternoon arrival while we transfer to Wilderness Lodge by way of Gideons at opening (unless we luck into cookies the night before)

11/22 MVMCP
Resort day, Geyser Point late lunch before party

Check out, might play mini golf and head to the west coast

Travel party - me, DH, DD11, DS6, and my parents otherwise known as Gramma and Pop

As a long time Easy WDW fan I’ve really missed Josh’s reports to give me an idea of what to expect when planning my last two trips :disappointed_relieved:. But trip reports have filled that void and helped me immensely to see logistics. It’s a short trip but I thought it might still be useful or interesting to some. I’m not positive I’ll be good at updating super often and am feeling a little shy about sharing, but I’m going to try!

I’m also trying not to stress about the rain every day in the 7 day forecast! I’ve been in many a passing tropical rain at Disney but the forecast is looking a little more ominous (and colder) than that. But we’ve got ponchos and extra shoes and warm clothes and we’ll roll with it if we have to!


Yay! What an awesome line-up, even if it is a short trip! I’m also an 82 baby so from one to another, Happy birthday!


Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! Have a great time and don’t be shy about sharing, we love trip reports! Don’t forget to get your birthday button. :partying_face:


Happy Birthday!! Rope dropping Gideon’s is a brilliant idea.


We decided to embrace the Christmas before we left so we can come home to it.


We’re leaving cold but sunny New England for this


Through TSA in 20 minutes on one if the busiest travel weeks of the year. Love PVD! We actually drive farther to get there than Logan but it’s so worth it


PVD is a great little major airport!


Happy birthday!! Have an amazing trip!


That flight was rough! But we made it and it’s Christmas!


Backseat sign pictures!


More Christmas at Disney Springs. Drink acquired and chicken and biscuits in the way!;


Any chance I’ll still be able to join the Gideon’s line after this? I’ll probably save it for the morning because I really want to coffee cake cookie but maybe I’ll check.

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Worth checking out.


Walked up to the bar at Homecomin, several chairs available and had a drink while we waited for our take out order. Brought it back to the adults who had taken the kids back to the Wyndham to get them settled for bed. Perfect hotel room dinner, we had Thigh High Chicken and Biscuits, Hush puppies, and Mac and cheese. All of it was delicious.

Tomorrow we’re rope dropping Gideon’s. Stacking LL for an afternoon Hollywood Studios arrival. Got my alarm set!

Disney Springs was busy tonight even in the misty rain but it was festive and we enjoyed waking around. The kids enjoyed their hot dogs from BB Wolf’s. We didn’t get ice cream like we’d thought about, not really the right weather for it. Didn’t end up checking out the Gideon’s line, decided we’d save it for the morning


Middle of the night potty run lead me to go ahead and purchase genie+ while I’m awake. $29 per person for today. :anguished:

Don’t suppose Iger wants to step in and lower that for me on his first day back in the job right?


That’s so expensive!!


I was bracing myself for what it could go up to this week but I had been hopeful it wouldn’t be THAT much!


Your husband sounds like mine! Every time we come back from Disney he says we don’t have to again for a few years. Now I’ve made it my job though so we need to go for research for my clients! :partying_face: happy 40th birthday!!! It is sunny in New England right now but enjoy that heat despite the rain. I can’t wait to hear how your stacking goes for HS today!