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We are planning to spend two days in Epcot. There will be three teens (12, 13, 13) with us so I don’t want to make their time miserable. I creating a day plan and it seemed like I had everything finished by 4pm. I can’t imagine that I’ll have ALL of Epcot done in 8 hours, so I wanted to just go ahead and break it up now. I had originally planned to do FWW and FWE one day and then WS the second day. I just saw a plan that suggests going FWW and part of WS one day and then FWE and the rest of WS the second day.
I assume I’d get more FPP options by splitting it down the middle, but which was would be more efficient and “teen friendly”?

I’m sure you’ll get lots of suggestions for Epcot. One problem with trying to do just FW one day and just WS the next is that WS opens at 11, not 9 (except for Frozen Ever After and a few food places like France and Norway). Also, WS has only two tame rides, three travelogue movies, and one audioanimatronic theater show, with lots of shops, restaurants, and cultural displays. Depending on the teens, they may think it is less interesting/exciting than FW. Maybe they would like to do Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure (I have no experience with it). Others can tell you more about that. Splitting Epcot into east and west halves could work.


I think the food is way better WS, worth some schlepping back and forth, rather than all day FW & none of the WS food. I like the live shows a lot, especially China, Japan, can fill up your days more with those. Agent P a good idea,if not too old for it.

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One of the things to bear in mind is that by default the TP software allocates 10 minutes per WS pavilion, which is far too short to really explore each one. Take a look at what is at each pavilion, and then edit the steps changing the time to a more realistic estimate of how long you plan to spend at each one.


When will you be visiting? We just spent four days over Christmas break.I thought we could power through for four days. We are a group of two adults, 21, and 17. Turns out, we were exhausted every day. I suggest taking a break each day. I tried the WS one evening and FW one morning. I think your idea of east side/west side would work better.

We usually do Epcot at least 2 days as my kids really enjoy WS (15, 12, 7, 5)–the movies, the Kidcot stops, Agent P, the snacks from every country, checking out all the weird food items at the shops, etc. We will do almost all of FW one day (afternoon arrival) and eat dinner in WS, and the second day we will do just WS 2pm-Illuminations. My older kids like Agent P and they explore much more in the pavillions when we play, but we also have younger kids so that tends to get the teen/tween to enjoy younger activities with their siblings. I bet your young teens would enjoy Agent P–we sometimes sit and get a snack/drink in the Pavillion and the older kids will do a mission of Agent P together.

I actually edited the time to show 25 minutes per country, but I imagine that is still not enough.
I also haven’t accounted for eating yet, since I’m still trying to determine if I want to split it East and West first.

We are going in June, when it will be nice and hot. Since we don’t have the park hopper, I definitely want to try to spend as much time at as possible at the park we choose for the day. I certainly want “breaks” in the day, but I don’t want to spend the majority of time at the pool. I have a pool at home, ya know?

I am going to have to look into Agent P. I haven’t read anything about that yet. Is it newer?

We’ve been there for a week in June. There is no shade at WS. You will be very glad to go back to your hotel for awhile. You can return to the same park on your ticket. With the extended summer hours, you could swim and/or nap. Our kids were around that age when we went in June. It was probably the best Disney vacation we ever had. By 11 am each day, the parks were so hot, and crowded we were going crazy. So, we would eat and leave or leave and eat. By 5 pm or 6, it felt much better. We are huge fans of getting up early and using every early morning entry available. So, the nap was necessary to allow us to stay late and get going again.

We didn’t play Agent P. We saw people with a daughter your kids’ age playing and it looked fun. We played the games like it at MK and they were an easy distraction when the lines were too long for anything else.

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Agent P is a re-creation of the older Kim Possible adventure. I know it’s been there at least 5 years. It’s an interactive scavenger hunt type game with special effects and codes to decipher. You are on a mission and your device gives you clues and when you find the correct location, you are rewarded with the next clue and/or a smoking statue or glowing image or something. Similar to the Pirate game in MK, but better IMO as it is set in a different country. I would say the target age is 7-12 but I enjoy playing it with the kids. It is definitely worth a try and gets you roaming around the pavillions in the AC too.

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I’d plan one day for rope drop with a flexible evening and the other day for arriving later and staying to see Illuminations. Split your FPP over 2 days, that way you can do your favorites twice.

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Wow! You guys left pretty early then. I didn’t know it would be that hot by 11am. The first day we go is actually Father’s Day, so I had made reservations at Chef Mickey’s that night. However, my agent said it will be hard to go to dinner at 6:30 and make it back to Epcot for the 9pm show, so I made reservations for Wednesday when we are supposed to go to Animal Kingdom. That way we don’t have to worry about going back to the park after dinner. I haven’t cancelled the Father’s Day reservations, but based on what you’re telling me, it sounds like we are going to want to leave and return when the sun isn’t as bad.

That’s the way to make my group happy. I like your idea of East side, West side. I think that would have been a good idea for us this time.

Will Illuminations be at 9? That seems early for June. You can look up sunset for that day to see.

Remember that there are more great food choices than you have time to eat at Epcot.

The problem with heat at Epcot is all the asphalt and lack of shade. It just never cools off at night in the summer, so it doesn’t take long for the heat to build back up. We must have stayed past 11, because WS doesn’t open until 11! I just remember us all dragging and being miserable. So, we would grab a soft drink from Japan and take the boat back to the front.

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I’d be surprised if Illuminations wasn’t at 9. We’ve done an early June trip, 2 late July trips and an Aug trip and it was at 9 every time.

Exploring the pavilions is a good way to get out of the midday sun. We also like to get free sodas in Club Cool if still in Futureworld.

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The calendar is showing 9pm for every night we are there.
We only have the QS Dining plan, so I’m looking at the options there as far as what to eat, but it doesn’t appear there are as many choices. I’d definitely like something different than burgers and hot dogs.

There are so many QS choices in world showcase! Almost every country (Canada does not- Italy too?) has a QS restaurant.


I always do AMs in FW and head toward WS in time for lunch and spend the res tof the day there. Two full days for EP, same thing for both days.

I imagine I’m going to have to look into that. The list I have from Disney doesn’t really have a lot on the list, so I may have to look at the map and see which of them are QS.

So do you do FW and WS one day, then FE and WS the second? Or do you not go to FE at all?