EPCOT 11pm closing and ratatouille

I read on another board that they were pulling in people for test rides a few days ago. I don’t recall seeing a source, though.

PLEASE drag me in kicking and screaming, Bob!


I want this ride open by April so bad. I’m trying to mitigate my expectations in the (probably very good) chance it doesn’t happen.


It’s not.

They are keeping it shuttered until October 1. :frowning:

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I saw. So bummed.

Me too.

I don’t get it.
With anticipated Anniversary crowds, why wouldn’t they open it up earlier so they have time to sort out the bugs (and BGs if they go that route) before the hordes descend on them?


My assumption (yes, I know I’m an A$$ for assuming), is they will soft open 1-3 months before opening. The 10/1 announcement is to mitigate anticipated nightmare crowds at MK and will be the grand opening.

I personally can’t wait to see what the crowds do 10/1. Like a social experiment. That I get to watch from my couch at home. Eating Mickey Waffles. In my sweat pants. Don’t judge.

7 months is a very long time to be sitting on a ready attraction. I know there has been talk of CM’s already being trained and moved elsewhere. None of it makes a lot of sense to be honest. Unless there’s some permitting or other bigger behind the scenes issue they haven’t made public yet.


ohh that sounds like a plan. I wish they would install cameras so we can watch the whole day live. I guess I’ll be stocking vlogs that day!

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Me too! I’ll post here (the forums) if I find any good ones!

this ride already exists in Paris and you can watch Youtube videos of it.
Since the ride is 3D, the visuals are not great, but gives a good look.

oh no no no! I don’t like to know a head what new rides are like. I want the full experience to be a surprise!


I always find it feels very diff in person than the YouTube videos

Amen!!! I managed to avoid anything about Flight of Passage to the point that I even shut my eyes and plugged my ears on DME when they had the bit about it - and said in a follow-up email (never heard back) that as someone who avoids getting spoiled for rides I didn’t appreciate having scenes (it took a second to realize and squeeze my eyes shut) of brand new rides on the videos. Mention them and show the exterior? Sure! But don’t ruin it for people who want to experience it in person first. We can choose to not go on youtube. If we’re on Magical Express we can’t choose to not have the video on.

Fear not, Disney has solved this for you.


I somehow managed to avoid FOP spoilers but have found RotR and MMRR impossible to miss.

Seeing previews of MMR didn’t spoil that ride for me because of how much is going on I think. Now, RotR… is so amazing and a lot of it is still shots that I’d have preferred to experience in RL and not seen anything ahead.

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I haven’t ridden it yet and won’t for a long time so I don’t know if I’ll think it has been spoilt or not!

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Oh, given that I despise Star Wars and will never consider it part of Disney I ignore those anyway.

MMRR is the Mickey and Minnie ride, but I take your point.

Oh, that one. Sorry…too many MR combinations there.

I would love to ride Mickey/Minnie…but I still struggle with wasting a ticket for 3, maybe 4 things only (Tower, Mickey, Muppets, and MAYBE Rock n Roller Coaster (depends on the day…I still verge on panic if I’m stuck in that cage area after it totally filled with single riders once when I was in there to the point they had to do like 3 trains just of single riders to prevent us from being squished) and then leaving.

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