EPCOT 11pm closing and ratatouille

I’m throwing this out there - EPCOT hours extended today starting on 3/13, 11pm closing even on weekdays - my guess is ratatouille is opening that week.


I hope so! Trip planned for early April.


That would be awesome! Was epcot even open that late the week after christmas??

I’d love to think those hours correlate with the opening and not just Central FL Spring Break. Saw on Chat Len expects mid March opening, so maybe, just maybe. :crossed_fingers:


only for a short period. then they go back to 7pm.
I think there’s another reason. probably college spring break


But 7:00 is the boilerplate closing that they have for Epcot. That closing time is changing one week or so at a time - right? So I think there’s hope!


It was 11pm at least once during the Valen-Presi-Gras trifecta week-ish.


possibly, but we’ll be there again in May and i have zero anticipation that it will be open for our trip.

The reason I saw on another site is that week is actually Osceola and Orange county schools’ spring break, hence the extended hours. I forget where I saw it, but there was a table with the schools systems that historically have the greatest effect on WDW attendance and theorized those weeks would be busier with likely extended hours. I’ll see if I can find it.

Here is the article from DTB.

Listening to the Dish Disney Podcast with @len and Jim Hill, they discussed Ratatouille opening. They reported the ride is ready to go and has completed testing. They offered a pretty good reason for WDW waiting on the ride opening.

WDW is waiting for Universal to announce the opening of their new Jurrasic Park roller coaster. Then WDW will then announce the opening Ratatouille as a counter option.

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School Schedules and Crowd Levels - TouringPlans.com Blog

This is the TP blog from 2017 where they explain, with great maps, the school districts they track throughout the year. They follow starts, ends, holiday breaks, and seasonal breaks.

I’ve heard mid-March too as a target date for Remy. We’ll see.


Ooooh fingers crossed for that!

In a way, that makes sense to me. But also, they’re not the same type of ride attracting the same audience at all. I wish WDW would take the lead on this and put the ride out there for Spring Break if it’s ready, and not let UOR dictate the terms. I don’t remember, did WDW wait until Hagrid’s opening was announced to announce GE opening date in 2019?

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Hmmmm, I wonder why Disney is waiting for Universal to get the jump on them again. They reopened before Disney too. Something I noticed is that APs have more park reservation availability that any other ticket groups. I wonder if they know better than to go right now?


I think they are letting them take the blame and backlash from people that will say it will cause big crowds and is not Covid friendly. I think they would rather someone else get the bad press

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oh… good thinking! Although, the local news (last week) reported that all the parks in Orlando area were ramping up there advertising for spring break. The goal is to have the same resort occupancy as Christmas time.

Would have just missed it then. Not a person I talked to near France last week didn’t wish it would open for them.

Do you think if when it does open, they will extend Epcot hours until later to help deal with the lines/crowds

Would they open it w/o an announcement? Like have a sneaky quiet opening?

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