The Moana part got me. What was the new tink???


Also, BRB, buying dessert party tickets

My thoughts:

  • Seemed like the audio and video weren’t synced well on the livestream
  • Just like Harmonious yesterday, no real story or emotional tug. A focus on new movies and that’s about it. “You’re the magic.” Um. Ok?
  • Weirdly long instrumental only sections?
  • They kept panning back to Main Street, but you couldn’t even see any of the projections on Main Street until the Soul section
  • I liked the Toy Story section and the sideways fireworks for that, as well as the sequential fireworks that kicked off the I am Moana song section
  • Yay! Tinkerbell still thankfully flying
  • Seemed really short??

Thought HEA was WAYYYY stronger.


HEA was perfect. This is just an emotionless mess. Sigh…


I enjoyed it and they did good.

I think HEA will always be my show. But this was good.

Some parts felt a little recycled, for sure. I got excited when they had the Peter Pan part - I hoped we were going to go classic - and I was disappointed they didn’t go further with that. And the villains part was not villainous enough.

But all in all I though this was a good show. The castle couldn’t look more beautiful, I think. And the projections down MainStreet were neat. Plenty of great pyro and loads of high-in-the-sky bursts. And a balance between sentimentality and fun and silly energy.

I got teary here at home so expect I’ll have full on waterworks in park. I am not disappointed.


Feeling similarly. Like NO HEA full on meltdown but I expect the Moana portion toward the end will get me teary. I would definitely elbow some Tall Dads to get a good view of this, but HEA had more soul.


Actually this had 100% more Soul :wink::wink:


Paging @Randall1028 for Dad Joke assessment.

Also, all the dang dessert parties are sold out on my dates.

I liked the pyro, That part seemed nicely done, in the “less is more” way. Certainly better than the multiple elements (waving water fountains, pyro mines, moving mechanical arms) busyness of Harmonious.


Magic not included anymore either. Bring your own.

I liked Enchantment a lot more than Harmonious. Loved the sideways bursts and the Moana parts. And it seemed to be a bit more connected throughout. Can’t wait to see it in person! Kept trying to figure out if this was live tonight or a recording?


Me, too, on the Moana part. I look forward to seeing it in person.

Exactly! If I’M the friggin Magic, then what the heck am I shelling out thousands of dollars to the mouse for? I’ve got plenty of my magic at home, thanks, and it tastes like cheap wine while procrastinating doing the dishes.


I’m going to summarize my gripe with it. In HEA the castle was a living breathing part of the show and it morphed as you watched it. In Enchantment, the castle appears to just be a big projector screen. Aside from the single gimmick with Elsa shooting fireworks.

Ill chalk it up to two possible things. Either the talent left Disney that mapped the castle better. Or this is really just a temporary show and the budget and time just wasn’t there.

Why they didn’t just take the budget and projection map HEA down main street is entirely beyond me.


There are currently 125 comments about Enchantment on the DFB Facebook post about it. Overwhelmingly they are strongly negative. Almost all say HEA is better.

99 comments on WDWNT’s Facebook. All negative.

Twitter hated it, too.

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I kind of liked it. I don’t think it’s as good as HEA but I think I will love it in person. I liked the music.

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According to a promotional video that aired yesterday this song is dedicated to the cast members which I think makes it a better message.


It was live

I had no idea Tink flew till I read it here. Totally missed her.

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HEA is a lot to live up to, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed Enchantment! Maybe I was expecting the worse? I think they did good and it had an emotional tug for me- maybe not as much as HEA but solid.


Twitter hates everything.