Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) Info

I will be visiting WDW for 10 days in July and will not be able to walk the many miles in the heat it would take to do everything. I plan to arrive early at each park and rent a ECV. Anyone with past experience have any tips?
Is it easy enough to park the ECV at each ride/attraction you might want to visit?
Does the charge last all day?

I don’t suggest renting the ECV’s at the park unless you are not staying on property. The ones I’ve rented have been hit or miss. I will rent 3rd party and have it delivered to my hotel next time we go.

Yes, it is quite easy to park them and join ride queues. :slight_smile:

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They charge lasts a long time. We had 3 in our group and took it to Hollywood studios and back from the dolphin and drove all around Epcot. You need to cover the motor when it rains. It’s considerably cheaper to rent off site if you’re already planning on it.

I rented them at all the parks, and never had a problem with the charge or parking. Nowadays I rent from an outside company. We rent a car , but I also have two strong boys who can lift up the bottom pieces and put them in the trunk. You can take them on all Disney transportation.

I would not rent from Disney you are better with an outside vendor. I rent from Scooter vacation they start as low as $25 a day and if you rent more then 3 days you can save 10% with this code FB10-19 Because of my size I have to rent their big ECV and that will do any park from rope drop to kiss goodnight. Their ECVs all have heavy duty batteries that will last over 12 hours between charges and if you have any problems just call them they will come into the park and give you a new ECV. Here is their web sight if you want it: https://www.scootorlando.com/

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This is all useful info and I’m grateful to all of you. I’m looking into outside vendors but they may not be appropriate for me as I want the ECV only inside the parks. I’ll be able to handle the transportation between resort and parks on my own, using Disney’s bus and gondola services. I think I’ll have better flexibility if I don’t have a ECV outside the parks and, thank goodness, I can handle that much walking without a problem.

O.K., I’ve listened to you all and am now tending toward a outside vendor, probably Scooter Vacations as mentioned by joefishing209. Questions for you who have experience:

  1. Have you taken the ECV on the newer gondolas? I’ll be staying at Pop Century which has one of the gondola’s stations.
  2. Is it a hassle getting the ECV on & off the bus? I worry about being the guy who holds everyone up.


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I can’t really answer #1. However, on buses you are the first one on and the last one off. The bus driver can help you drive the ECV up and down. Is it a hassle? Yes. Is it a major inconvenience? Sometimes, if you share a bus with another resort. I don’t think Pop shares. It sure beats standing in line waiting for a bus.

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#1 I have not nor will not ride the flying death buckets. With that said they are said to be very accommodating for guests with ECVs I believe that one of the benches folds up.

#2 If you have that much trouble getting the ECV on or off the bus ask the bus driver to do it for you. It can be like parallel parking a car some times. If there are people already on the bus I would ask the drive to help you. (I’m afraid of hitting someone when there are people already seated.) We travel with 2 ECVs me and DW both use them. I can not stand or walk for more than 5-10 min at a time, but DW is fully mobile but after one day at a park she would be shot the rest of the trip.

If you have any questions about ordering the ECV just ask me and I can help with which one would be best for you. Also order it sooner then later they can sell out, but they do keep a few in case they need to swap one out.


Based on conversations with Scooter Vacations I think I’ll order this one:

“The Wish scooter is the unit most folks love with the big Seat, Big Batteries and waterproof.”

Let me know if you disagree.

This is the one we get for my wife it is very good you will do fine with it.

Have run into one snag. The online reservation form only allows delivery between 7AM & 5PM. My flight doesn’t get in till 5:50PM, so I couldn’t be there for delivery until probably 8PM. This flight is the only non-stop from San Diego, so I don’t want to change it. I don’t want to wait till the next morning for delivery because I’d miss EMH at AK.
I’ve emailed them to see if we can work something out.

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I would call them and talk to them they might be able to meet you at the park at 7am. Or if you do on line check in they might be able to drop it off at your room once you get the room ready text.

Yeah, he already said Disney won’t allow park deliveries. If I don’t hear back from him I’ll call next week.

Forgot to say…I also offered to pay a fee for night-time delivery.

I’m all set with a reservation with Scooter Vacations. Made it with a retired engineer who just yesterday rode one on the Skyliner with no problems.
Thanks to all for your advice.


@joefishing209 - any current discount codes for Scooter Vacation? How far in advance should we reserve? We are going in August. Thanks!

I would rent now. They do sell out. Wish I could help with new discount codes, but I’m not aware.

I would make the res. now. The new code is FB10-20 but I tried it and it was not working for me, also now it said you need to rent for 5 days not 3 to save 10%. I would call them and ask when you make the res.

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I agree with renting from offsite, for the above reasons. But also, the park ECVs are too slow.