Edit: Rider switch FOP/ Navi

I edited my Post Name because this question lead me to ask a secondary question about using rider switch (below in comments)

This post is assuming I can get a FOP fast pass

I’m having the hardest time with my Animal Kingdom Day. My main issue: I’d love to ride Navi, but don’t want to wait more than 20 minutes for it. There are early magic hours, so AK opens at 8 AM. What are lines like from 8-9 during Magic Hours? Is it still a nightmare or not so bad since it’s EMH?

My concern is that I’d love to get there early to ride Navi, but we will be out late the night before at MK dessert party and my 4 and 7 year old may be exhausted. Anyone have tips or opinions?? Sleep late and skip Navi? Ride between 8-9? Screw sleep and get there at 7:30?

I know several people who will disagree with this but for our family Navi was a huge let down. We went there 1st thing in the AM but on a relatively late arrival (I think it was 10am when we got to AK) and we waited about 60-70 minutes. The stand-by line was relatively interesting (and in the shade) and looking at Pandora for the 1st time was great so we were in a really good mood and didn’t mind the wait too much. However, we found the ride itself to be pretty boring. It’s really pretty but nothing happens. I guess it depends on the type of people. Probably people who like calm and contemplative stuff like it but we prefer action and thrills and this has neither.

Personally, I would MUCH prefer to make sure my kids are well rested and in a good mood… :wink:


My best guess is you could get there at 8:30 with max 30 min queue for Navi, 8am with 10 min, 7:30am for walk on.

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Those are my thoughts exactly. Sleep > Navi. I’d wake up early to rope drop FOP but was thinking Navi wouldn’t be worth it.

After I posted this… I had a thought. For some reason my brain is really bad at figuring out rider switch so maybe someone can help me…

Players: Me, DH, DS7, DS4

Me & DS7 get Fast Pass for FOP
DH & DS4 get Fast Pass for Navi

If we wanted to rider switch our way into riding both rides, is that possible? How would we do that? I’d love for my 4 year old to ride FOP but I’m worried hell back out at the last second, so would Rider switching be an option to help us ride both FOP and Navi? If we do this, would it mean my 7 year old rides FOP twice (once with me, once with DH) and 4 year old rides Navi twice (once with me, once with husband). Meaning, my 7 yr old wouldn’t get to ride Navi. Or could he be in on the rider switch and DH rides FOP alone??

You and DS7 get a FPP for FOP, DH gets a rider switch for himself and DS7, later you can switch magic bands and 2 people can ride. DH & DS4 will get FPP for Navi. You can also use this on Dino and Everest, Rapids.

I’ve heard methods on Backside of Magic that I don’t agree with, it involves getting a rider switch, then the people in line leave to use the loo, switch magic bands and enter re the FPP line.

This is where my brain goes mush. Why do we need to switch bands if there’s rider switch?

Also, would we get the FOP & Navi Fast Passes at the same time or spread out a bit?

Re Navi waits this article has a chart of wait times including EMH mornings - you don’t have to get up as early as you would for FOP RD is the bottom line - https://www.easywdw.com/easy/blog/disneys-animal-kingdom-rope-drop-to-pandora-with-flight-of-passage-fastpass-2-15-19/

I have an FOP FP for my upcoming trip on EMH AM day and am thinking if we get out of bed early enough we will rope drop FOP for a bonus ride and if not hit Navi.

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Great article! Thank you @raina.murdock

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If you get fp as described… you could rider swap fop and it would work as stated since 4 year old to short or doesn’t want to ride. But you have no need to rider swap Navi so probably wouldn’t work there. If just you really want to check out Navi. You could have DH and Ds7 get fop for then you could ride it again with ds 7 using rider swap. You and ds4 could get Navi fp and ride Navi.

Because DH doesn’t want to ride FOP, you can’t RS Navi, only FOP

DH does want to ride FOP. I’m only doing Rider Switch because I’m thinking my 4 year old will probably back out once he realizes you have something on your head. Darn, I didn’t realize you can’t RS Navi but I guess that makes sense. It’s not a “scary” ride.

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Then you can both ride FOP and DS7 twice, but 1 of you and DS7 can’t ride Navi. I would get there by 8:30 and RD Navi.

Waaaahhhhhh! Back to square 1. :slight_smile: Thanks for walking me through this, guys!

T-H-I-S… this is why we have never been on the ride. It doesn’t look like a first tier pass, and given the choice, take FOP every single time. It’s just that good.

Our plan this time is to try to get early FP+, and to get there 45 minutes before park open (breakfast items in hand) to wait for the rope drop. Hit FOP once with rope drop, then again with a FP+ if we are lucky enough.

I’m not little one, and we take naps… still I’m fairly certain that your little ones may be tired from being out that late the night before. It really depends… but I say get there early if you can, and if you get EMH, EVEN BETTER, go for it.

You can always go nap mid-day, and come back. Shorter wait times are worth it, in my opinion.

Have fun!!!


I think I’ve decided what to do.

We will Rider Switch FOP so that my husband, 7 year old and I all get to ride. While 7 year old and I are riding FOP, my husband and 4 year old will ride Navi with their Fast Passes. Then I’ll hang out with the 4 year old while Husband and 7 year old use the rider swtich for FOP. TAKING ONE FOR THE TEAM! I’m such a good mom. Ugh.

Now everyone say a prayer for me that I can get 2 FP to FOP and 2 to Navi.


When are you going? I was able to get a same day FP for Navi at the end of August.

Our AK day is June 1st

So that isn’t a crazy busy time right? You could still get a same day and then you would all get to ride it. That way you don’t need to take one for the team :wink:

That’s what Ill hope for then! Good backup plan. Fingers crossed!

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