Eating my way through WDW Outside the Parks?

Now that I’ve eaten my way through DLR (Eating My Way Through DLR), I’m thinking about eating my way through WDW but outside of the Parks.

DSIS convinced me to go to Miami and Key West in December. I convinced her to fly home through MCO so that we can go to WDW! I’m thinking that there is so much to eat and so much to see during the holiday season in Disney Springs and the resorts that we don’t need to go into a park (Though @Julianne_fki is tempting me with the convention ticket!). We arrive in Lake Buena Vista on Thursday, December 16th around 1 PM and fly out on Saturday, December 18th at 7 PM. I already have loose plans to meet up with @ppehap along the way!

What Should We Eat Outside of the Parks?
Here’s where I need your input. I need savories and sweets. Unfortunately, I can’t just eat sweets all day! But with DSIS along, I can sample more food than I did at DLR. :hugs:

I’m thinking the following so far:

  • Dole Whips at Pineapple Lanai

  • Desserts at Amorette’s

  • Crepes at Aristocrepes

  • Beignets at Scat Cat’s

  • Daily Poutine

  • D-Luxe

  • Ribs at Morimoto Asian Street Food

  • Bison Burger at Geyser Point

  • Harissa Lamp Chops and Warm Churros at Three Bridges

I do have a reservation for Beaches and Cream. What food is good there? Do we need a reservation if we are doing take out of cones or sundaes?

Where can we can Zebra Domes without doing a sit down?

Can we take out a slice of Hummingbird Cake without a sit down reservation?

Are those food trucks still in Disney Springs? They were never open when we were there December 2019?


Beaches and Cream has a takeout window for ice cream. Zebra Domes are at the QS - Mara. I think you’ll need a reservation for hummingbird cake. No idea on the food trucks.


Thanks for the Zebra Domes’ location!

I do want some hummingbird cake. I didn’t get to try some last time.

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I saw them in the Mara refrigerators, you can buy and take them to go. They were in the gift shop fridge in Kadani side too

Non sweets: Saana to Go for bread service, Thai meatballs at Cap’t Cooks, Kona to Go for breakfast, lunch or dinner; Primo Piatto at Rivera for their sandwich (name is lost right now)


Yes, bread service! We missed it last time because we were too full!

Primo Piatto! Is it Croque Monsieur? I think @Dreamer said it is DS’s favorite?


Yes, that’s the one.


There is Croque Madame for breakfast, too!


The gluten free zebra domes (in the Kidani store freezer) have a piece of chocolate for a base.


I think you can get these at the Mara QS at Jambo House.


And mine and my DDs. :joy:

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I really, really cannot recommend B&C take out ice-cream to go with the rest of this list! Save your stomach space. It’s literally just grocery store ice cream. It hits the spot if you need something while at Stormalong Bay, but if have all these other great things on your list, prioritize them!


Are both the Croque Monsieur and Croque Madame must or just Croque Monsieur?

I ate nearly 6 scoops of ice cream over two days to get the Mickey and Minnie sinks! :grimacing: Point taken. There is other stuff to enjoy.

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There are both. But it’s croque madame at breakfast and monsieur at lunch.

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I’m pretty sure you can get hummingbird cake at the take out window. @OBNurseNH didn’t you do that? Or at least look into it? I know the question came up.


Gideon’s for cookies at DS.

Don’t know if Homecomin’ is doing takeout orders, but savory bites there would be deviled eggs and fried chicken appetizer.

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I have never done that.

@BGK might know what your odds are on that.


There is a take out window–although I’ve only ever gotten drinks from it. I’m sure you could get food too.


Yes but we will be doing a mobile order from their East End Market to take home. I can’t bring home stuff from Amorette’s, which they adore. I’m toying with @OBNurseNH portable vacuum sealer for the cookies.

:yum: Yes but I don’t have a reservation! This trip came out of nowhere after the 60-day ADR deadline.

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Take out window it is then for Homecoming. It’s worth a try.