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We leave in 3 days. Yay!! But I just lost 14lbs and almost 21 inches and worried to death about eating at Disney. I plan on bringing some protein bars and shakes but aside of that does anyone know if there are healthy options in the park? Apples, grilled chicken etc? I’m trying really hard to stay on plan and maybe even lose with all the walking.


I can’t give much advice in terms of exact places (currently planning my first trip in a decade), but I can point you toward a tool that may help. If you follow this link, and go to the bottom of the page, you can search WDW restaurant menus for particular items and even narrow your search to particular parks/resorts and restaurant type (table service, counter service, food cart, etc.)

Yes! You have to be strong against the temptations, but my husband has a heart condition and I have celiac disease, so we have to be vigilant.

Magic Kingdom, Liberty Square has fruits and veggies, and at the Liberty Tavern they used to have a really nice, huge spinance salad (probably still offered), Sleepy Hollow has baked potatoes (that we eat plain so we don’t rack up the fat and colories." A lot of the time, we’ll just go over and order a big baked potato for each member of the family. I know that baked potatoes aren’t often viewed as a diet food, but they really are if you don’t add the cheese, butter, and sour cream. We just eat ours with some ketchup, but that’s a personal preference. It’s a lot better than the huge plates fat and sodium, calorie dense dishes you can get everywhere.

The potatoes hold us for a long time!

In Tomorrowland, across from the Speedway, you can get yogurt, greenbeans, and carrots. I have to think there are some chicken entrées too. I keep thinking I made my kids order something relatively healthy.

We bring into the park a lot of apples cut up and coated in lemon juice, protein bars, and cut up veggies.

Animal Kingdom at the Raintree, you can get a very healthy Kale and Quinoa Salad ($16.99), and they also have a market place in the Harambe area that has cut up fruits and veggies, and Flame Tree BBQ over by Kali River Rapids has an apple salad with chicken, I’m a vegan so I take off the chicken and give it to my kids, but it’s very healthy either way.

Epcot in The Land area has a great area where you can pick up salads, yogurt, fruits, veggies, and grilled chicken.

Disney Hollywood also has fruits, veggies, yogurt over by Rockin’ and Tower of Terror (can’t remember the name of the place).

If you have time, Google search Disney World menus and look ahead of time, but I would say, the protein bars and keep you and you could supplement with many counter service spots with various salad options, and maybe even some lower fat meat options.

Also, we eat off site at the Rolling Oaks Sweet Tomatoes in Kissimee. There’s another Sweet Tomatoes behind the strip mall east of the Disney Springs area east of the 535 highway at a Lake Buena Vista address.

With all of these none of them are temptation free, but if you are committed, it’s absolutely do-able.

There’s also another Raintree Cafe at Disney Springs.


Plan to spend no more than $7.00 per any snack per person that’s substantial to hold you enough from one meal time to the next, and average $15.00 for any meal. At the nicer restaurants, at least $30.00. I haven’t looked into any menus more than the counter service because we usually eat off site. I only know about Raintree because I was at Disney Springs yesterday and happened to browse the menu.

Thank you this is super helpful!! Where is Sleepy Hollow? My husband has a business meeting off site so I may ask him to stop at the stores for some apples and fruit. Seems easy enough to throw into my back pack!!

Truth be told, I’m not very good at “healthy” eating when I’m not at WDW, and on vacation I really don’t care. That being said, virtually all of the TS restaurants will have (at least relatively) healthy options. They are very good at working with special needs diets, and can customize many entrees. I eat very little QS except for (unhealthy) snacks, so I can’t really comment about those.

Also, check out Columbia Harbor House. It has a salad entree as well as grilled salmon with broccoli.

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Sleepy hollow is in the mk. Near the hub at the entrance to liberty square. Across from the christmas shop.

Kudos on losing the weight!! I was in prep for a bodybuilding competition and went to WDW a few weeks prior. Was on a super strict diet. Yes there is healthy all around you if you look. In Epcot the Land has great casual dining that is very healthy. However almost anywhere you can make good choices to stay on track. However - you are walking like crazy so you burn a lot too - so even if you do indulge a bit - you will probably end up losing a bit if you are just careful. Continued best to you in your healthy quest!!

The kids and I enjoyed the PowerPack which includes: Dannon Danimals Yogurt, Apple Wedges, Carrot Sticks, Goldfish Crackers, Apple-Cinnamon Snack Bar and a choice of small lowfat Milk or small Dasani Water. They do sell them in the parks but we would grab them at our resort for breakfast and anything that we didn’t eat we put in our backpack to the park. Congrats on the weight loss!!!

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Great job! You’ve worked SO hard, remember all of that when faced with the temptations of WDW. Contrary to popular belief (and wishful thinking), Disney calories actually do count.
We do a couple things:

  1. Garden Grocer: we pre-order a bunch of fruits and some carrot sticks and nuts and ziploc baggies so we can pack up healthy snacks to bring with for on the go.
  2. Salads or shared salads - There’s often a good option with a salad or veggie focus that is less heavy at counter service, or if I’m touring with someone I’ve shared a salad and a CS regular meal (love Y&Y Local Foods cafe in AK, and Colombia Harbor House in MK, Sunshine Seasons in Epcot; the waterparks have some good salads).
  3. I avoid buffets like the plague - too much temptation.

If you can go off property. There are a lot of sweet tomato restaurants near disney. They are a soup and salad buffet.

Do you request a refrigerator or do most rooms come with a mini one? We are at Contemporary.

All rooms have a mini refrigerator.

Please know that most refrigerators keep things cool - not cold. I usually don’t trust milk to them.

Good to know, but ok for holding some fruit or healthy snacks.

I thought Sleepy Hollow was Columbia House - whooops!

Yes. For milk I usually use the ice bucket and pop in some milk. BTW - NEVER use the ice in drinks out of an ice bucket unless there is a plastic bag. Those things are nasty!!

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Absolutely! I also line the sink area with hand towels!! Nothing touches anything if I can help it!!

HA - not to get off topic - but mode of operation is
1 - bedspread goes NO WHERE near your face (do you know how many bare bums have touched that - EWWWW)
2 - Only use glasses if wrapped in plastic
3 - wear socks in the room
4 - toothbrushes touch NOTHING
5 - no rolling around on the floor (mostly the kids - every once in awhile me)

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