Easy to find mouse ears

Rest of fam dressing up in fun halloween/disney themed costumes for MNSSHP. I’ve decided to keep it simple, just get me some rose gold mouse ears, and wear an outfit to match.

Is it pretty easy to find the rose gold ears in MK or elsewhere, or am I better off to order online, to be on the safe side? I’d rather get them in parks, since I wouldn’t have to pack & bring on the plane.

I’m pretty sure at this point they are not going to be as hard to find as they were when they were first released. When I was there back in June, July, and August, there were many to be found. One (at least to me) hidden gem of a place to find a good ear selection is the gift shop where Philharmagic empties.

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When we were there in April they were absolutely EVERYWHERE - from resort shops to shops in all the theme parks. I think you’ll be fine, especially if you have a day or so to locate them upon arriving.

Thanks @larrielaine and @OBNurseNH. That’s great to hear. So much else to do before our trip, I’m trying to keep it simple now, just over a month before we leave!


Meanwhile, I’m looking for Piglet ears, which I need by this time next week at the very very very latest! :open_mouth:

This is what happens with a last-minute trip! :wink:


I must have missed your last minute trip :slight_smile:
Are you doing MNSSHP?

Yes! Which is why I need Piglet ears LOL

We had the trip “on our radar” but were waiting for our DVC contract to close, which it just did a little under a month ago. We were just outside of 30 days, barely got our Magic Band order in - they shipped the very next day! So it’s been a smidge whirlwindy, but at least with it having been on the radar we had a loose idea of what we wanted to do.

We leave a week from today!


I can make you some Piglet ears if you can’t find any @OBNurseNH.


But I fly in 7 days.

Could they be shipped to your hotel? @OBNurseNH

I’d hate to take a chance on them not being there. We go to MNSSHP the very first day so no wiggle room.

Thanks though :slight_smile: Should have thought of you sooner!!

@OBNurseNH how are you with felt and a glue gun? You can get all the basic supplies from Wal-mart!


Do tell me more?

Do you want themed ears for Piglet (like Disney does) or just Piglet ears on a headband?

I think just piglet ears on a headband. The others sound too complicated maybe?

Whichever you think is easier.

Thanks for this help!

Print and cut out these ears. Trace onto pink felt. Cut out. Fold over a headband. Glue the two sides together. TAAA-DAAA! Ears!


@larrielaine I want to make my ears for our January trip. Do you have any tips?

You’re the best! I’ll give it a whirl!


YouTube has some great tutorials. I cheat and buy blank ears from Amazon and add felt, ribbons, pompoms, rhinestones, fabric, flowers, or pretty much anything to achieve my character. My local Jo-Ann’s knows me my name and one cashier is a Disney fan who helps me find special pieces.


Pics or it didn’t happen!