Earl the Squirrel

Li-berry vs li-brer-y gets me particularly when it was someone from the main office making a school-wide announcement. :woman_facepalming::scream::woman_facepalming:


AP’s have been updated to the 3-park kind in preparation for our June trip & before an inevitable price increase.

The Grinch character breakfast was great! We got to the park during EPA, bfast at 9 am. Rode forbidden journey again before the breakfast. Food was delicious, they even had gluten free pancakes available for me. Everything was good except for the coffee. I don’t like my coffee overly strong, but this was essentially colored water. The food made up for it though.

I would post our pics but photo pass is having server issues and the pics appear locked. They’re trying to fix it, and gave me individual QR codes as backup at the photo place. We met Sam I Am and the Grinch, of course. We got 12 photos and they look great, from what I see.

Afterwards we rode Hagrid’s with the red express passes I had procured (best purchase ever) and then checked out the All Hallow’s Eve Krampus shop before hopping the train in Hogsmede to Studios.

We saw some live entertainment (Sing It!, Blues Brothers, even Tales of Beetle the Bard), as well as the Bourne show, which we really enjoy. Went to NBC Sports Grille for lunch, which happened to be during the USA vs England World Cup game, so pure chaos. Food was good, though, it was just packed!

Rode Fallon & MIB and finally checked out Transformers. We didn’t like Spider-Man, which I know is a sacrilege. Weren’t expecting to like Transformers since it’s the same ride system. We loved Transformers!! It isn’t the ride system we dislike. We don’t like the storyline & volume on Spider-Man comparably. Go figure.

We wrapped up the night with dinner at Pat O’Brien’s, which had great dueling piano music. It was a bargain for dinner— 4 meals, a dessert, 2 alcoholic drinks (including a take-home glass) came to under $100. Took the boat back to Portofino Bay, where there was a big tree-lighting party and opera music on the harbor.

This morning we have breakfast at the kitchen at hard rock and get picked up for our flight at 12:30 pm.

I can’t wait to see my cat tonight!


Is it standby line only during EPA? I’m kinda hoping so because I want to do the full line. We will have EPs but I won’t want to use them. I’m guessing the line won’t be too bad because everyone will be at Hagrid. My plan is to do VC first, then FJ.


No express pass during early park entry, so standby only. Oh, and the single rider line is open but if you want to see the whole queue, standby it is!


Yes, standby line only. This was the first time we saw the entire queue! However, it was essentially a walk-on so you’re practically sprinting through the queue so it’s hard to really slow down and appreciate all the details.


Finally got some of the pics from the Grinch breakfast!




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I love all your matching Grinch t-shirts :star_struck::green_heart:
Super lovely photos :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Please tell me more about Max…!!


Max was so sweet! He licked my oldest daughter’s face when we crouched down for pics. I felt bad for him, because his trainer kept holding a treat up so he would focus on the area by the camera.

I’m sure they load him down with treats for training purposes when we weren’t there, but I just wanted the woofer to get his treat!

He was the Goodest Boy.


I’m so impressed!! I’ve never heard that he’s real M&G before. He’s probably my favourite movie dog* (not generally being a dog person in any way!) :laughing:

*After Einstein :wink:


OH WOW! The Frog Choir haven’t been posing with people all year! They’ve only been doing poses on stage and letting people take pictures of them, but not “with” them! I’ve got another goal!

So happy to hear you’ve upgraded to VB! The second visit is when it pays for itself. I am planning on going one more time before my AP expires. (I’m already trying to figure out if I can make renewing it work for me as I’ll be back to my normal amount of vacation time in 2023)

Keep the updates coming!


Oh I’m sure you can!!! :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2::partying_face::partying_face:


Sorry if I wasn’t clear, we weren’t able to take pics with the frog choir, only with the Triwizard Tournament members.


Oh…That’s still fine. Neither group has been doing M&Gs this year. I’ll still head over there!


Whar is a red express pass adn how do you obrain one?

I learned about it on here— a red express pass is also good for Hagrid’s and Velocicoaster. It’s typically given out as a recovery pass to someone that was on the ride and it broke down, forcing them off.

You can sometimes buy on eBay, but technically they’re not for resale & non-transferable so you’re running the risk of getting it in the mail and the code could not work and it wouldn’t be covered by eBay’s guarantee. They also have a shortened expiration date.

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I know you did the VIP tour, but do you know the entry process for the Grinch breakfast?

I have a reservation and didn’t think it was a big deal. However, I saw a vlog last night where there was a line a 50 people deep to get in the door. I wasn’t sure if that was people trying to get standby or you have to wait in that line even with a reservation.

Any help is appreciated!

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We also did the Grinch breakfast because I’m all about overkill.

We had a 9 am entry. There’s a podium outside of Circus McGurkus where they check your tickets. You’ll have a breakfast ticket & a photo ticket, they collect both.

The line was probably 15-20 people deep when we got there. It moves quickly. They get you seated and then get drink orders and explain the buffet. There are two buffet areas both serving the same thing.

They only use 1/2 of the restaurant at each seating. We used the right hand side of the restaurant and I noticed no one on the left. We rode the high in the sky trolley afterwards and when we went through the restaurant on the ride, we noticed that the opposite side of the restaurant was being used and the side we sat on was empty.

Its a very quick check-in process and the meal and pics do not take long at all. They even serve some of the special seasonal items, like the grinch cookie.


Thanks! That’s super helpful! I, too, have a 9am reservation.

I have the QRC ticket in my App. Do I need to pick up pyshical tickets, at the hotel desk, beforehand?

That makes total sense! They can flip the tables faster and admit people easier if they aren’t weaving around. They can clean one side while admitting people into the other. This isn’t what they normally do and probably aren’t equipped for this massive crowd. I’m sure they need a bit more time.

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Yes, I’d recommend getting your physical tickets at the hotel desk to speed up the process.

It was very efficient! And delicious!

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