Earl the Squirrel

Vacation is MADE


Did Earl have a Universal photographer?

That’s a great picture :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:

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Yes! He meets regularly near Central Park crepes. There’s a sled set up and that’s where he is.


So excited to follow along! If you can, please, confirm if it actually snows in Diagon Alley. I’ve seen reports that they do it during the Celestina Warbeck show.

My wife didn’t care about seeing her until I mentioned that effect. Have fun!!!


He was also in CityWalk at the Mistletoe Pines area yesterday, doing photos.

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Yes, it does snow during the show. I didn’t notice it at any other time, though, and I think it only happens right there where the stage is.

The show was pretty cute… a nice departure from the same old Christmas songs.


I love this show. I have video I’m not allowed to show anyone with DH on stage with the dancers.


Yes! DS and I were just there on Thursday, and it snowed at the end of the Celestine Warbeck show!


Perfect! Thanks y’all!

We tried to see Celestina at 5:30– got there at 5:27. Waited until 5:40. She was a no-show! Not sure why. We will try again tomorrow.


Yes, we saw him there tonight after our dinner at bigfire. He’s so darn cute!

I need a Big Fire review! It’s my choice for my birthday dinner. (It’s the “safe” pick of steak for my wife)

I’m thinking about the Baked Alaska for dessert!

We loved Big Fire when we went in June 2021!! Great food and great service!


Steaks & service were great. We loved it in June & had a great meal again. It’s our go-to at Universal now!


Loews hotels text housekeeping service is amazing and has spoiled me forever.


I love it too! And you can text the front desk with any questions or requests.


Some highlights so far— we went to animal actors yesterday & my husband was selected as an audience participant! It was so fun. Hubby & I rode Forbidden Journey today and we LOVED IT. I was so afraid of motion sickness but we popped some Dramamine beforehand and zero issues. We want to ride it again. It’s like Flight of Passage on crack.

We also rode The Simpsons ride & didn’t get sick. Youngest daughter loved it but hubby and I thought it was just okay. We met Blue at the Velociraptors paddock today too and that was a blast! I still need to review the photos and video.

We are sitting in the AP reserved area for the parade— got here 40 minutes early and we are directly across from Horror Makeup and where the parade begins. Sitting front row on the curb. Score!

I didn’t even try for a grinch virtual line this morning. We did Shutterbuttons at 9 am and did the video and an extra green screen photo of us in front of Hogwarts castle. Having them delivered to our room so we didn’t have to carry them around.

We are being pretty vigilant about wearing masks indoors, especially queues, since I got Covid here on our last trip.

Lunch was at Cowfish & we have dinner at Antojitos. Nothing planned for tomorrow am except for breakfast at our resort. We have the holiday VIP tour tomorrow night and that runs late so we will sleep in and laze around before tomorrow evenings activities.


You are making me so excited to get down there!! Jealous!!


Yes exactly :laughing: