DVC tours..have you/would you?

I got an email offer to do a tour on my trip for a $50 gift card. No way would I do it for that! Now if they threw in a few anytime fastpasses, I would definitely consider it.

Have you done one? What was it like…time, pressure, incentives, etc.
Would you do one even if you had no interest in purchasing?

I suppose I would if the money was right. Everyone has their buyout point.

But for $50? No way. I have a very limited amount of time in the parks that I pay way more than $50 for. Add a zero and we might start talking. I would have to do an economic evaluation at that point. But for $50, it isn’t even worth my time to do that evaluation. The quick answer is no.

I did my own personal tour when I went on a cruise last year. I went to Port Orleans, Wilderness Lodge, and maybe one or two others. We are staying at Wilderness Lodge this Thanksgiving week. I rented points through David’s.


Every since I booked a stay at Disney for December 2020, I’ve been getting emails almost every other day from them trying to get me to consider DVC. It is super annoying. Then, I took myself off the email list, but it said it takes 10 days to be removed. Since requesting to be removed, I’ve received two more emails.

So, I do fear that an in-person tour would be more pressure-filled than I like.


totally agree, it’s not even worth thinking about for $50! I do have a free afternoon after my 6am HS, so it could possibly be made worth it with fastpasses for me.

I thought you were going to say they started upping the offers within those 10 days!

For how much you spend per hour for a WDW trip and how much time it will take to view DVC. No way i would trade off that time for $50. Maybe for more money, more anytime FPP that includes fop, 7dmt, and sdd. You gotta make up that lost money/time somehow.

I’d do it for anytime fastpasses that include RNR and TOT and any 1 Toy Story ride.

I wouldn’t touch it as I would prefer to just enjoy my stay free of sales pitch. However, we had some friends that recently did it and the received the $50 plus fast passes for the entire family. I think maybe just 1 Magical Experience probably with limitations. But they said it was no pressure and their kids (DD7, DD4 and DS2) loved wherever the DVS HQ was. They wanted to stay. So I suppose on a rainy day, it would be a decent place for the kids to hang out and you could potentially pick up some extra FPs. Personally, I would rather nap by the pool or something :slight_smile:

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There is zero pressure when doing an in person tour. zero. In fact, they encourage you to wait until you get home to decide. zero pressure. I own multiple contracts - 2 at AKL and 1 at Riviera. (Yes, I know all about the resale restrictions.)

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I personally don’t see the value in taking time out of my vacation for a DVC tour at all. Not for a $50 gift card, and not for FPP. Those things just aren’t of greater value to me than being in the park.

I guess I see the FPP as similar to the free ones you can earn by doing Pirate Adventure: it just gives you something else to do that takes about the same amount of time (much longer in the case of the tour) than standing in the line. You’re still waiting, just doing something else while waiting. So I don’t see it as an extra at all


Well all I can say is they did their job and got you to buy big time.

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you’re so smart!

No way I would do this unless it was at least 200 bucks…and even then I might have to think about it. For all the money you paid for tickets and the amount of time you would be away from the parks, the incentive would have to outweigh what I was losing per hour to do so

Only if I had a free non park day in my plans. I’m considering one next Spring.

Can’t tell if I should read this as snark?

No not at all. I totally agreed with your statement. I’m not good at snark…trust me. My time in the park is much more valuable than a gift card or FP



Well. I guess I am the contrarian on this post. My wife and I did a DVC tour a couple of years ago for the $50 and a free FP. It was on a whim and unplanned as I looked at the DCV material in the lobby of the BC, and the DVC rep nearby struck up a conversation with me. We were actually staying in a BC DVC studio with rented points on that trip. No joke. They picked us up in the lobby at 7:30-ish (our request for an early presentation at Sarasota Resort, I think) the next morning and had us on our way to AK by 10 AM. The sales presentation was more like a casual conversation, completely absent of any pressure to buy. There was some added incentive as I recall of bonus points and reduced costs if we purchased within a short time frame. To be honest, I was somewhat serious about DVC as I asked to speak to the extended family when we got home before making a decision. The sales rep called a couple of weeks later and graciously accepted my decision not to buy DVC. My wife used the $50 to by me a souvenir portrait of Mickey painting a picture of Walt Disney. It’s a Normal Rockwell knock off and I fell in love with it in some shop during our trip. It’s hanging on the wall above my computer and I’m looking at it as I type this response. Again, no joke. :smile: For us it was a new adventure we’d not done before.


you ever heard of good cop bad cop. Well this is not quite the same but it is where they try to gain your trust to make a sale. I love the Buy it now to get extra bonus points. Does that sound like this deal will only last so long so buy today. Granted after going to some other high pressure sales maybe they are not so pushy. Make no mistake about it, you are on their list now and you will be hearing from them every now and again to encourage you to take the plunge. If you can afford the terms and the upfront payment and you find you will be going to WDW quite often, then maybe it is a good deal. On the other hand if the terms are not what you can afford at this time, put it off until you can.

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I don’t think any timeshare is ever a good deal, but plenty of people do!