DVC third party resale

I’m looking for recommendations for reputable third party resale sites for DVC. I have a close friend that wants to buy into DVC but the $182/point at Copper Creek is too much for her considering how many points they would need to buy (they are a family of 6 and would need a 2bdr). I figure they’ll need around 200 points. She’s already decided that the perks she’d be losing by buying third party are worth the sacrifice. Or if you’ve purchased resale direct from DVC, how much of a discount was there? Is the pricing the same as the original offering?

GThey have just announced extra discounts for CCV.

You can either have a discount, or you can extra points for life, although you would still pay maintenance fees on those extra points.

You can choose credit below:

No. Points New Buyer Credit. Existing Member Credit
125---- $0----- $750
150---- $1000 — $2000
175---- $3250— $3300
250---- $4900 — $4900
300---- $6400---- $6400
1000— $26,600— $26,600


Buyers can decline the credit above and opt to take a life of contract ‘free’ set of points. IE: buy 225 points at full price and get 250 (225 plus 25 free)…and so on. See below chart:

CCV Points—Free Points Awarded
225— 25
275— 32
325— 42
375— 51
425— 61

However, that won’t bring the cost down that far.

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You don’t purchase resale from DVC, that is always direct and always at the list price. There are some “discounts” right now at Copper Creek.

There are lots of reputable resale sites if they are looking to save dollars per point. Though with a family of 6 the AP discounts through buying direct could be substantial if they plan to buy APs. They should probably crunch those numbers. We used DVC resale market, but there is the Timeshare store, Fidelity timeshares, the Tutas family, etc. I recommend looking at a few to find the 200pts in the use year that they want. Many offer alerts and stuff.

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Thanks! Are those discounts for current members as add-on? I don’t see the discounts listed on the general public sales page.

I’m DVC at AKL and I thought I could call my salesperson and ask him to put me on a waitlist for resale if I want to purchase at say Beach Club. Is that only for current members?

I think we are just getting caught in semantics here. You can buy at a sold out resort by getting on a waitlist, but you are still buying that direct (not resale) and you get direct benefits at the direct/list price.


There are two figures shown. The first is for new buyers, the second is for existing DVC members.

yes, I see what you’re saying. I agree. I’m calling it resale because it’s not first owner, even though it’s direct from Disney. Do you know what price per point Disney would be selling them at? I can’t imagine it would be at original contract price, but then again, I don’t know how they would determine market. Especially since some of the years are expired since initial offering.

ah! got it. Thanks!

I would really check the numbers. Some resale prices are so high these days. I know it seems like a big difference but I was looking recently at 50 points. Buying resale (not from Disney) would save me at most about $1800. That savings would be without some benefits and for 15-25 less years.

They will sell to you at their current price. Which you can ask but they don’t make it easy to find out! But it will be close to the price for the new resort, ie: CCV.

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She was comparing this listing at DVC Resale for 200 pts at Animal Kingdom for $19,600 vs new at Copper Creek for $36,400. That’s a huge difference. Granted, there are no ticket discounts and they can only book at Disney (no adventures, or cruise or collection resorts) and it’s for less years, but… that’s a big difference.

For less years! I think GFV and Poly are both more than CC per point too- aren’t they? BLT too?

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Is that a 35 year contract? Also, if you bought from Disney you would get 200 2017 points and 200 2018 points. What would the value be of those 166 points?

That’s crap. There should be some kind of discount based on the remaining years of the contract.

BLT is the cheapest of the monorail resorts, but I don’t know how it compares to the CCV price.

I know it’s way higher than when we bought direct in 2010. Put it this way, we bought direct and financed. Selling now would easily cover all our expenses and some of the MFs we’ve paid since then! We bought at the sweet spot for sure. :smile:


There probably will be, once the remaining term is down to under 10, maybe under 5 years. No need right now, people are still buying!

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The deed expires in 2057. I hadn’t considered the “extra” year’s points. Determining the value of those points is subjective, but not to be dismissed.

What a great deal! I wish I had bought years earlier. Funny though, I knew Poly was increasing and financially it was a better deal - I still bought Copper Creek. Sometimes you just go with your heart.

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It may get the offer past Disney- not having those points. Who knows?