DVC site down

All the 2 bedroom CL rooms are lock-offs. I haven’t been able to book a 2 bedroom. I had to pick up a 1 bedroom a couple of weeks ago and a studio last night. The availability is so limited!

I’m not going for almost a year, so I’m hopeful for the CL benefits to be back.


There are no dedicated 2br CL rooms. They are all lock-offs.

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Which resort? I missed that somewhere along the line

Jambo. CL rooms.

I guess I’m not up on it but it lists 2BR on the points chart. How do you know they are all lock-offs.

As an example a 1BR and a Studio 9/1-9/19 is 56 points but a 2BR is 51 points

Right, but if it can’t be booked under a single room category (because that configuration isn’t available) then I don’t think they can switch it in the system.

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There are only 10 CL rooms, 5 studios and 5 1 bedrooms.

According to the TP room finder.

I’ve never seen any points charts where the 2-beds are shown separately. When you book a 2-bedroom, both a dedicated and lock-off are always the same number of points.

I think you’re getting confused. It costs more to book a studio and a 1-bed than a 2-bed, even at BWV and AKL where all 2-beds are lock-offs.

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I keep looking to see if there is a way to make this stop. Must be above my pay grade

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I do have it backward in my mind.

I’m multitasking and that’s never smart for me.


This confirms my previous post. It always costs more to book a studio and a 1-bed separately than a 2-bed.

At BWV and AKL (Jambo) all 2-beds are lock-offs, there are no dedicated 2-beds. When you look at the room types for the resorts dedicated 2-beds are not an option. That’s how we know.


They have a 2bdrm category, but because they are all lock-offs, they are really hard to get. So I booked what I could. Now, I think it is possible, based on other people’s dates, that 2 adjacent rooms (ie - a 2 bedroom) may not be available for my dates.


They said no. :woman_shrugging:

But I did hear “Seize the Day” from Newsies while on hold. :heart_eyes:

Ugh, that is so frustrating! You technically have a 2-bedroom booked! I am not one of them but there are definitely theorists that can talk about this so called lock-off premium all day long.

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There’s even a 1 bedroom available right now. There’s no reason I shouldn’t be able to go in to modify the studio to a 2 bedroom, but the 2 bedroom doesn’t come up as available. And Disney IT being what it is, I don’t have the (sweetened tiger) balls to try to cancel and immediately rebook. Too much of a risk with all the glitches.


The 2-bed doesn’t come up as available because you have the studio held whilst modifying.

If you don’t want to risk dropping and rebooking, and I don’t blame you, then you could put a note on both that you have both a studio and 1-bed and “could they please try and get you them connecting”. I don’t know what the odds are. Room assignments are done centrally, whether they would have the nous to be able to oblige I don’t know.

I don’t know of they have a work around to this. It might be they’d have to do the same as you would, drop one and rebook. And somehow stop the waitlist process. But there’s little incentive for them to do it anyway. You have both rooms and it’s more expensive, points wise.

  1. Well played.
  2. The site was horrible for me as well, but I was calling about purchasing tickets. Hopefully, you’ll have better luck getting the answers you need by talking to them directly.

I have the worst luck trying to get a 2 bed, pretty much always. But I’m always trying to get it at BLT, standard view, and there’s so few of them they usually go before I’m even up to make the call.

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I second this approach, for what it’s worth. Much better than possibly losing it altogether.

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Meh, I’m more concerned about the extra points than connecting! The rooms are all so close together it won’t really matter. But 35 points are 35 points!

I will make the request for connecting though, thanks!

Maybe it has to do with specific inventory… like, if only 2 of the 1BR have a connecting door then they can only sell those 2 as lock-offs.