DVC site down

Is the DVC booking site throwing an error for everyone else since last week? Like, you can’t even check availability.

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I modified a reservation over the weekend. I also checked the point history.

It’s been very glitchy for the past few days. Be persistent, eventually you will get through.

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Are you trying to make a reservation that involves borrowing? Or are you not even getting to that point

Try incognito?

It has been very glitchy.

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I’m not even getting to that point… if I click “Book a vacation” I get Rex, and same if I go to the main planning page and them try to put in dates. I’ve gotten the same on my phone and on my browser at work, but they’re both Chrome, so I’ll try incognito.


I did read reports recently that some owners received a message they needed a “code”. It seems weird.

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Still getting Rex even in an incognito window. Booooo… I didn’t want to have to call.

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I get this sometimes when logging in. It is two-factor authentication.

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I’ve never gotten that but dang I get an email every.single.time. I log in to say there has been a new login. This comes whether I’m at home, phone, or work — all places from which I log into the site regularly


Get too many of those too fast and you’ll need to reset your password.

I’ve had to do the damn reset 4x now. Which screws with EEEEEVERYTHING!!

I am guessing they are seeing attempts to hack into DVC user accounts and have instituted the email warning (I get them every time I login too) and the two-factor (I only get that sometimes, and I think I’ve noticed a pattern that it tends to happen when the site is glitchy and I get T-Rex or 7 dwarves – “we’re working on it” pages)


It’s been very glitchy for me too. I’ve had my best luck later in the day and later in the evening too. I bet there is a lot of activity with people trying for reservations around the 50th anniversary since we just entered the 7 month window.


I hadn’t even though about the 7-month window part.

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I’ve had issues this past week too. I’ll login and if I go back to login again it says the site isn’t available.

Just took me about 12 tries to even get through on the phone. I’m on hold now.

Anyone know if they will be willing to combine my 1 bedroom and studio reservations into a 2 bedroom reservation? I’d like those points back!

ETA - Estimated wait time is 60 minutes!

If they have the 2 bedroom available then I don’t see why not, as long as you’re the member. Also, that wait time tells me that the site is definitely FUBARed.

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The 2 bedroom is not currently available to book (AKL-Jambo CL). But my 2 rooms equal a 2 bedroom, so I’m hoping they will just make the switch for me.

Oh, if they’re not booked as a 2 BR lock-off then I don’t think they will. Just curious… since the CL benefits are not currently available why not go with a savannah view 2 BR? Or are you just hoping they will be available by the time you go?

A dedicated 2BR and a 2BR lockoff are not the same points values (at least in most cases, if not all)

So I don’t think you will be able to do that