DVC Rumors

There are so many DVC rumors these days!

  1. Minimum direct buy in is increasing to 100 points…this month (next week)!

  2. Reports of a new DVC option at Poly (new longhouse, possible renovation to DVC, possible new build replacing the Luau? (Expansion or new resort like CC? One bedrooms?) These reports are supposedly coming from tikiman?

  3. BLT2

What is likely ? What is a dream?

At Poly?

Yup- I will edit my post since I forgot that important detail!

Points minimum was confirmed tonight


Well, that makes my current pro/con list for buying in after my Christmas bonus much simpler.

So the lowest direct buy in is $11,000 for Vero and $15,600 on-site (OKW)?

Not surprised about the minimum increase.

Poly expansion is interesting, maybe in anticipation of the new walkway from GF to MK, which would be easily accessible from the end of the resort where the luau currently resides.

BLT2… I can’t picture where this would go.

With Riviera (nearly done) & Reflections (well underway), it would be great to know what Disney’s long term projection is for demand.

One possibility is the garden wing? I don’t think the basketball court area is large enough?

Where did you see confirmed? I looked at the Disney site and dvcnews.com? Is it the 17th?

Oh, maybe. They get such good $$ for those rooms though. Seems like converting to DVC would be kooky. I suppose if they demo’ed the garden wings and went vertical with a tower, they could cram more in.

This is the first time that I’m starting to feel like there will be more places to stay than the parks can handle. More rooms, more people. They will need to think about a 5th park seriously.

OK, time to start saving my pennies!

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I thought it was the minimum for “perks” and not the overall minimum buy-in? But I did also see that it was confirmed but now can’t find the link.

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I do know the lowest add on I can do is 50 points, at least at CC. Maybe you can buy less direct without perks, but I need to think if those limited benefits (resale, ability to book all resorts) would be desirable?

Well I still think if you bought say 50 direct that you could use those 50 at all future resorts, but just wouldn’t be eligible for the “membership extras.”

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Right, I guess you might not want a Gold AP (to me one of my most valuable benefits)?

Exactly, I think that the AP discount is really the only benefit that you can put real value on. I, personally, don’t have plans to buy APs more than maybe once or twice. I also am not local enough to ever plan trips around those after-hours party that people seem to love!

But I’m not necessarily arguing the pros/cons of buying direct, just trying to understand what the definition of “minimum” seems to be in this circumstance!

BLT2 (where the garden wing is) and the Poly plans have been floating around for several years. BLT obviously for longer!

I don’t buy the BLT2 rumour personally. It wouldn’t have a good view of the castle, which would make it a second choice for many. And I think it’s more likely they go for a Grand Destiny option for convention guests personally.

I thought a second GFV block was more likely because of the walking path.

I worry about them building higher than a 2 storey villa block at the Poly, but adding 1 and 2 beds would be popular with many. They could also add a community hall. And seemingly there were plans earlier for bigger villas, so maybe they’re dusting down those plans.

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It does vary by resort. And I’m sure they will still allow you to buy less than the number required for perks. I don’t think that has gone up, it’s 50 for Riviera, although even that won’t get you far with the points charts.

I’ll be interested what happens to the minimum add-on. If they want to. It the number of people with just 25 points, they will want to stop a 25 point add-on. But then that would mean they would probably have to increase the number of one time use points you can buy too.

That is not correct. 100 points is the minimum required to qualify for Membership Extras. And they are grandfathering in all existing owners with 75 direct points.