DVC room ready question

I was reading on another site that DVC rooms are not often ready earlier than 4 pm and sometimes as late as 7-8 pm. Wondering what Liners think about those reports. Has that been any of your experiences that DVC rooms are ready either right on time or later? Any DVC stays where you got room ready before 4pm? Just curious of others’ experiences.

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I have no idea, but I am also intrested. We will be staying DVC next trip.

Last November my room was ready around 3:30pm. My parents room was ready around 3pm. This was on rented points.


Thanks. We are staying on rented points as well.

DVC rooms do have a later “check-in” time. I put it in apostrophes as obviously you can check-in anytime. But the rooms may take longer to be ready.

I think it’s because they are pretty much 95% occupied year round, 100% at times. So there’s less leeway to get a room ready early.

As we always come in around 7pm I don’t know how often people get an early room.

It’s no different though to any other type of room really, there’s never a guarantee your room will be ready at 3pm!

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I find this really interesting. We are DVC members and our rooms have always been ready by 4. And often well before that.


What time is check out for DVC?


I know lots of people do get their rooms earlier than 4pm, but you shouldn’t expect it to happen, or be annoyed when it doesn’t. If it’s really important to you, then you can ask Member Services to note it on your reservation.

In general, room requests are much less likely to be met with DVC. And those that are noted on the reservation are more likely to be met than those that aren’t.

It’s also worth remembering that a request for a better view might just be “met” by using extra points, even borrowing them from the next year, without checking first. It has been known to happen even with renters, totally wrecking the owner’s plans for the following year. It’s one of my concerns about renting points out privately.

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Which resort?

Thanks @Nicky_S in your experience do you think not requesting a room may result in an earlier check in time or no difference either way?

Us, too. We have a split stay so will be checking in twice so to speak.

Oh man. I forgot about this.

We will probably need a split stay if we get to go in August/Sept.

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Oh man, that’s terrible. Ours were all ready on time or early. 3 stays. I would cry if it was 7 pm.


Because we always arrive early evening, our room has always been ready, so I don’t know. But my hunch says yes, have it noted that you’d prefer an early check-in time and put your arrival time at 10am, even if it isn’t!

I know that if you request a room the official way (through Memeber Services) that they will try harder to meet it. However, if you’re wanting a specific room, your chances are pretty low.

And with DVC, there are different booking categories for a reason, you get what you book. (One exception might be AKL where sometimes you get a partial savannah view having booked standard). If you tell them you’ll wait longer for a room nearer the lobby, then they will try to accommodate that if they can. But there isn’t the spare capacity to be able to shuffle everyone around. Some of the resorts are very small, so even less chance at places at BCV.

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Technically, DVC checkin is “after 4”, not “at 4”. Saying that, I don’t think our room has ever been ready later than 4:30. If I had to wait until 7 I’d probably be a bit miffed, but from what I hear they’re pretty good at compensating when that happens (comping dinner or similar).


I’ve only had a checking later than 4 once, and was in by 5(AKL Kidani). Usually by 3, but I’ve been checked in as early as 7:30 am. It all depends on room availability. 7PM sounds ridiculous, and I would be speaking with the manager.


This was at AKL


Thanks to all for your input this has been very helpful!

How early can you call to add a request.? I am going to call at day 180 I think for something else. Can I ask them to at it then?

As soon as you’ve booked it. I often book over the phone, so I just ask them to note anything then.

Just be aware that anything you put into the online check-in request will over-write it. I believe there is only one field to enter requests into - the online check-in system is a CRO one and it automatically fills the same field!