DVC Room Data Spreadsheet

Hey fellow DVC lovers. I wanted to share a spreadsheet that I threw together that contains all relevant DVC room data. Before the fall of the EasyWDW forums (RIP Josh), a contributor (I do not have his forum handle, unfortunately) there used to post screen caps of his spreadsheet containing the same data, and that was the source I used for nearly all the data on my sheet.

The sheet is currently set to view only, but if you have a Google account you can make a copy and then you’ll be able to access the filtering options on each column (accessible by clicking the funnel icon):

Make a copy of a Google Sheet

Also, I placed hyperlinks in the Resort column that will take you to the dvchelp.com information page for the relevant resort (lots of great info there–including floor plans and virtual room tours):

dvchelp.com hyperlink

Let me know if you see any mistakes, or have any ideas for improvement. My goal is to keep the information up to date as new DVC properties are added.


Thats pretty nifty!

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Thank you!

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Hi! I love spreadsheets!

Is it filtered right now? I can’t find a bunch of studios and I’m seeing a 2-Bed LO at the Poly.

Also, this detail would be super helpful to include if you are looking for additional numbers. I’m always using this to determine if 7 months is realistic.

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Thanks for the heads up. It was corrupted somehow…probably during the import from Excel to Sheets. Hopefully it is corrected now. Sorry to anyone who saved a copy of the erroneous sheet!

I like the idea of including the room inventory data. Just need to find some time to type in all the numbers, since they only provide an image of the data…maybe I can bribe my cat.

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