DVC Resort Refurbishment Schedule

I have been looking at DVC news this morning and they have a great chart (could be revised by Disney) on this page:


I am getting really antsy about the BR refurb bc there has been radio silence on it since they pushed it back. Several other projects that weren’t even scheduled have already happened as well.

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That is so helpful! Thanks!

5 resorts for a full refurbished in 2023 seems like a lot, no?

Jambo and the Treehouses are smaller?

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The CC date is wrong too

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You’re probably right. They all have their own budget, paid separately by each property, but I was thinking labor might be an issue. Those two being smaller would mean they would take less time.

They have two resort construction crews working right now (Sports and GFV)? Maybe they can start a refresh early?

I am reading reports that the HH refurb has begun.

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lol… CC is going to be refreshed before I can even stay there once.

(what does a refresh entail anyway?)

And BLT needs to be moved up. No USB outlets in 2016 is stupid. No USB Outlets in 2021 is criminal.

I think a refresh will include the Murphy pull down couch bed.


Oh wow, I didn’t even think of the lack of USB outlets b/c I have a travel USB cord that I bring.

so do I. And I’m tired of bringing it to a HUB OF CIVILIZATION!!!

Get with it, Disney!

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:rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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It’s a pain. But there’s a 7 year cycle and unfortunately when BLT was last done I don’t know if they’d started putting USB ports into rooms. Does AKL have them? I stayed at Kidani Christmas 2016 and I can’t remember if they had them or not.

Kidani and Jambo have usb ports. Thankfully bc my charger plug kept falling out of the sockets.


So I can only think BLT must have been done earlier in 2016 and then they started putting USB ports into the AKL rooms.

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They could still spring for the addons like they did for the contemporary rooms.

The fact that there’s nothing, at one of the premier hotels, is just mind boggling

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The BLT kitchenette needs to be reduced. There is way too much storage in those. The pullout pantry shelf has enough space to store food for a month, but who is cooking a months worth of food in a microwave in a studio?

With two children, eventually they’ll be too big to want to share the pullout bed. If they can squeeze in the TV bed for a third sleeping surface, I’ll be very happy.

Which resort storage area you thinking of? I thought contemporary studio kitchen storage was ridiculously too much; as you mentioned. But not so at Kadani.

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