DVC Rental Stay Questions

In about a month we will be staying at Bay Lake Tower for three nights on rented points.

I know that we will not be getting house keeping or trash service, and that this is no longer available for an additional fee.

With that said, a few questions.

Is it possible to get more towels?

If our trash accumulates and is over flowing,
is there a place I can dispose of it?

If you use the dishes in the kitchen, are you responsible for cleaning them at the end of your stay?

Tell me about the coffee maker. I believe that it takes filter packs. How many do you get per stay and is it possible to get more?

Also, is there any etiquette tips that you can recommend? I’m looking at renting points as if I’m renting someone’s vacation home.

Thanks I’m advance!

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You can always call housekeeping and get more towels, coffee, soap, etc. Or if you catch a cart in the hallway you can just ask them for more.


There is no charge for extra coffee. My DVC stays this year they have come to the room every day and emptied the trash.

Will you have a 1 bedroom or larger? If you do, there is a dishwasher. If you have a studio there will be mostly paper goods but hand dishwashing detergent to wash the coffee pot and any glassware.

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We will be in a larger unit.

Follow up question regarding coffee. Are there disposable cups?

We are stopping at Publix in the way in and I’m trying to compile a grocery list.

Thank you again!

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Quick question what size unit are you staying in… I ask because generally in the studios your getting paper plates bowls and styrofoam cups so no need to actually do dished but depending on the length of your stay you may want to pack some…

If its a 1 bed or larger you getting real dishes and a dishwasher…are you responsible to do the dishes, to be honest, I have no idea- I generally run the dishwasher daily anyway - they pretty much give a one day supply for the occupancy limit for the room. Towels kinda work the same way for us, If we are in a 1br we usually wind up throwing them in the washing machine. There are never enough towels in the studios IMO but you can always ask for extra.

As far as trash goes they have refuse/recycling rooms if you need it but since the Las Vegas shooting mousekeeping general has been knocking to check room trash anyway. Our stay last month at SSR mousekeeping was actually a little rude about it - we were in the room napping mid-day with the occupied sign and he insisted on coming in anyway.

Standard coffee maker- I am a bit of a coffee snob I don’t use their packets- I have 2 Starbucks managers as kids and they bring ground coffee that I like and the concentrates for the refreshers in exchange for the pull-out or air matress. (pretty sure i am getting ripped off that free coffee cost me pixie passes the last trip)

If you’re in a 1 or 2 bedroom, you’ll get ceramic mugs to use. I don’t remember if they also have to-go cups, but there are enough for all the people that fit in the room.

They come to empty the trash every day, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

And we’ve just left dishes in the sink and it hasn’t been a problem. We ran the dishwasher once but otherwise I think it’s fine to leave stuff.

The coffee makers are standard Mr. Coffee drip ones—the coffee they give you comes already in a filter, but if you want to have your own coffee, don’t forget to get some flat-bottomed coffee filters.

Have fun!


I have had disposable cups and lids in larger units too.

I have a family member that loves Joffrey’s coffee so I am fine with the room coffee. There is a new 50th blend.


Agree you can ask Housekeeping for more, but sometimes when we go to the pool, we bring some towels back with us. (We usually take them back the next day and put them in the return.)

FYI - we had trash service daily on both our stays this year, even though they said we’d only get it on the 4th day. :man_shrugging: Sometimes people leave trash outside their room (especially pizza boxes, room service items, etc.) and it does tend to disappear after a while.

It’s a nice gesture to Housekeeping to run the dishwasher last thing as you leave so they can put away clean dishes for the next guests. But it’s not obligatory at DVC. At other vacation club properties (like Marriott), it is expected that guests will run the dishwasher upon departure.

If you have this mindset, I’m sure you will be a great guest! Be careful about extra noise, especially during sleeping hours. Observe all Covid protocols. Leave a tip for Housekeeping - here’s a thread where we discuss Gratuity in general. There is no hard and fast rule - it’s up to you to decide amount and frequency.

Have fun! DVC Rentals are a great deal. Just be careful … you could be an owner soon! :wink:

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Thank you to you and to everyone else for taking the time to answer all of my questions!
You all have been super informative.

I’ve been eyeing DVC for awhile and maybe this will be the tipping point to buying a contract. My wife needs a little more convincing.

None the less, I’m super excited to stay at BLT!!