DVC murphy beds?

Do any of the DVC studios or 1BRs have a murphy bed instead of a pull out sofa? Not overly comfortable at BWV and wondering if they have upgraded those in any of the other DVC locations.

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The Poly, SSR, and BR studios have murphy beds for sure. AKL studio still has a pull-out sofa. OKW studio has two queen beds. I haven’t stayed at GF, CR, RR, or BC.


The studios at RR have a murphy bed. The GF studios in the DVC building have murphy beds. The GF resort studios have two queen beds (and flip down single couch).
BLT does not have murphy beds.


SSR 1 br had murphy bed last June, Paddock bldg across from Carousel.

I’d rather sleep on the murphy than the king in the bedroom.

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Now, see…we loved the King at SSR so much that we bought a new mattress because of it! (That didn’t work out as well we hoped…but no fault of the SSR mattress itself.)

We were in Congress Park though. Wonder if the mattresses in Paddock were different. :thinking:

Not the comfort of the mattress but the height of the whole bed/mattress. I need a step stool or hope to land the Fosbury Flop.

The Murphy bed is much lower and not at all uncomfortable. Tho I suppose could be when older. :thinking:

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Oh, yes. This is definitely an issue. Not bad for me. My wife is short, though, and almost needs a running start to get on the bed! :laughing:



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Just wait 20 years. :smirk:

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Essentially the DVC resorts that have been refurbished recently, since Riviera opened, have Murphy beds in place of sofa beds in all studios, 1-beds & 2-beds. Grand villas I am not sure about though.

Riviera - built with Murphy beds

Poly - Murphy bed replaced sofa bed in all studios

GFV - Murphy bed replaced sofa beds in all original rooms
- except the new resort studios which have 2 Queen beds

SSR - Murphy bed replaced sofa beds all rooms

BRV - Murphy bed replaced sofa beds in all rooms

BCV - underway, Murphy beds have been seen but not yet confirmed


I had to have a step stool by our last bed. This go round we put a platform under the frame so we could eliminate the box spring but still have a nice and comfy firm pillow top.


I’ve been hoping to see more news on this since I’m staying at BCV (2BR dedicated) in June. There was a rumor that the soft refurb had been rescheduled for later in the year due to sudden availability in Feb/March and lack thereof in September. I’d love that to not be true!

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They have definitely started, but it could just be a couple of rooms at the moment. I think some guests went up to the top floor and managed to take photos of the ripped out units and the new items waiting to go in. Like I say though, it could be these are just prototype rooms.

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Here’s a disboards thread about it.

This one has some pics:

There are some comments speculating about the delay, but no confirmation one way or the other.

Oh, well that’s a thought. I’ve got one of those personal trampolines.

I just need to bring it with me to WDW. :smile:

I stayed in a BCV studio in Dec., and it was definitely a pull-out sofa. Room had seen better days–we could not get the tub faucet to turn off all the way, and we got there so late at night we didn’t want to try to get maintenance to come. Our All-Stars room was more comfortable at half the price! (we rented an owner’s points for the BCV room). Happy to hope a refurb is supposed to be imminent.